Virginia Winter Sunset - Nature Photography Series

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2017-12-10 05.57.33.jpg

This was taken in Fredericksburg, VA The sunset was amazing, I stepped out of the car and snapped these few shots from my EOS Canon Rebel. They are unedited! Nature is beautiful and I love it, I love to be around it. Just out walking and viewing pink skies, flowers, trees, rivers and lakes it makes everything better!

2017-12-10 05.57.36.jpg

2017-12-10 05.57.34.jpg

I was literally so far away and I am also shooting in between a fence, lol! I was not in the best spot at all but had to capture the beauty of it.

2017-12-10 05.58.02.jpg

2017-12-10 05.56.31.jpg

2017-12-10 05.57.27.jpg

2017-12-10 05.57.29.jpg

2017-12-10 05.57.34.jpg

2017-12-10 06.09.33.jpg

Heading back to Richmond, VA

2017-12-10 06.09.37.jpg

2017-12-10 06.14.31-1.jpg

2017-12-10 06.09.48.jpg

2017-12-10 06.14.33.jpg

2017-12-10 06.19.08.jpg

2017-12-10 06.20.01.jpg

2017-12-10 06.19.58.jpg

2017-12-10 06.21.30.jpg

2017-12-10 06.21.48-2.jpg

2017-12-10 06.22.03.jpg

2017-12-10 06.22.10.jpg

2017-12-10 05.57.31.jpg

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beautiful sunset! in Washington it is very rare to see pink +blue sunsets. Usually, we have a yellowish color, sometimes orange, but I don't think I even saw pink sky here.

Oh wow, Washington state, that sounds like a beautiful place though!

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