Marvelous animals in the world

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                        The world of animals is a marvelous thing in the world. Every animal has their own unique features like body color, shape, size, origin, habitats, modes of transport, methods of feeding, types of food they eat etc.. Now we'll talk about some of the animals that show various features.


Chemical weapon of the animal world - Poison arrow frog


    This animal is known as the most poisonous amphibian in the world. Their homeland is the Amazon forest and they can commonly be seen in the South American forests. Poison glands are found all over its body. their body color varies from one species to another. The length of its body is about 5cm. 

Giant fish in the Mekong river - Mekong Cat Fish


It's the largest fish found in the fresh water bodies. The length is about 3m and the weight is about 150-200kg. Its teeth falls once in every two years. Their homeland is South Eastern Asian Region. They  can be seen around the Mekong plateau. Countries such as Thailand and Cambodia have banned fishing of these fish. Due to over fishing, this fish is named as one of the extincting fish. The name of the Mekong Catfish is included in the Red data book which is published annually by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). 

Fish that looks like a horse - Sea Horse


Body size varies from a range of 2.5- 30 cm.They live in the sea. They prefer to live in areas where the water is warm, shaded and near the aquatic plants. The spout like structure is important in feeding. They feed on small fish, small shrimps and phytoplanktons. They are omnivores animals. 

They have a pouch in their body. The male is the one who protects the eggs. During reproduction, the female deposits about 200 ova in the pouch of the male. They gets fertilized within the pouch and the fully developed young horses comes out. 

Architect of the bird world - Weaver Bird



The weaver bird creates a much better mosaic than the other birds. Their origin is Africa, Asia and Australia. The male bird is colorful. They use leaves, fibers, grass and thin sticks to build their nests. The entrance to the nest is either from the bottom or from the side. 

Blood sucking bat- Vampire Bat


Origin is America and they can be found in America, Mexico, Brazil, Chillie and Argentina.  They have temperature receptors on the nose to feel the warmth or cold. Their food is blood of mammals and sometimes they feed on human blood. Some species feed on birds' blood. 

Pet of the animal world-Giant Panda


Origin is China and they live in bamboo forests.They have wool around their body to stay warm and an extra thumb on the side of each front paw. They get very little energy due to eating bamboo trees,which is their main food.Because of that,their survival has been affected. 

Flatworm that regenerates-Planaria 


Most of them live in fresh water or blackish water and some of them are terrestrial. Body size varies from 3mm to 12mm. If this animal is cut lengthwise or breadth wise, each part develops its lost parts and generates a new animal. It is a bisexual animal whose mouth is ventral in poison. 

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