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Maayong Adlaw (Good Day) Steemians!

Today we will face the reality again. Back to work. Vacation is over.

As I travel on the way to my workplace I recall the magnificent scenery of my hometown, Alcoy, Cebu.


An overlooking view from the top. Green and beautiful. A breath of fresh air. Very far different from the city.

I love to live with this relaxing view. Best place to retire. Someday. 😁

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Daghang Salamat Steemians!

P.S. palihug suportahe si Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle, by voting @steemgigs as a witness. Visit ug i-type ang "steemgigs"


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Mukhang nakaplano na ang retirement a hehe. Ganda ng view. Naiimagine ko na sunset jan.

Balang araw kabayan, hehe. Isa lang yan sa mga magagandang tanawin sa aming probinsiya. 😀

Duol na ang retirement. Lol

Hapit na, early retirement. Hehe