1# An Invitation to take part in The Gaia Letters Project

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This is an invitation, a call to a globally awakening community, this is a chance to use your heart, your voice, your imagination, your passion, your poetry, your art, your music, your song, your skills and vision for solutions to create an alternative beautiful paradigm for this beautiful planet that has given us all life. A vision that we can share together to create a global positive intention. I've read about other projects such as writing emails to trees, which is really wonderful and it is about time trees heard how much we appreciate them, but I suggest writing a letter, a poem even, a song, a music piece or whatever your words or chosen form of expression are to Gaia, Pacha Mama, Mother Earth. Write how you feel about what is unfolding before us, honestly straight from your heart, publish it on Steemit with a link to this article or write it in the comments box below. #TheGaiaLetters or email your letter to me at thegaialetters@gmail.com@gmail.com and I will publish it here and in a book of collective writings for The Gaia Letters.

What you would like to change? How would you like things to be different? Any solutions you can think of for the current planetary crisis would be greatly appreciated. How you would like to see humanity evolve in 50 to a 100 years time from now?

What kind of world do you envision for your children or your children’s children and what kind of future do you see existing for nature and our fellow species? How would you like to see Humanity and the Earth evolve together? If we have a brighter future, what would it be?

If there is an inspired response, I will publish the letters in a book in honour of a more peaceful humanity and a more sustainable planet, no more ecocide.

This is my letter to Gaia, to bring everyone’s vision, young and old, whatever race, culture, religion, philosophical or spiritual beliefs, this is a chance to come together to share a vision and create a book for a more harmonious planet, let us rewrite the present and future together.

The ultimate change from this paradigm to a more harmonious one, may, or may not happen in our lifetime, but it is an inevitability which is unstoppable; and despite the severe environmental destruction that is driven by human financial greed, the survival of the ‘fittest’ humans now depends on our level of consciousness and if we have the ability to make the leap to develop the necessary parts of our spiritual awareness, that reconnects us with nature and the Earth.

This control system wants us to feel diminished and helpless, yet it cannot control a human being who realizes that s/he is no longer a victim in the new reality of awakening.

This is a time that requires practical action from people because governments and corporations are not going to change their behaviour.

So we have to become the Ambassadors for the Earth and each take responsibility and transform our lives to become more self reliant & build communities. We must put our intent where there are solutions, and take our focus away from the darkness. The light needs to gather momentum now, so that we can make the change quickly in order to build bridges to a new paradigm.

A birth of solutions will begin, with the calling of bridge builders, map makers & seed planters, venturing into new territory with unity, courage and determination.

Love from Carlita Shaw

Some Gaia Letters people have already written-


''As another trip around the sun completes,
one of many mortal earth years and lifetimes,
she ponders the questions and curiosities,
as she often does.She is her own muse,
stripped and raw, surrendered
as she whispers to the wind.

In this current soul voyage,
within the abnormal normalcy
of the grand illusion,
she is weaving a glorious bohemian tapestry
of love, pain, joy, sadness,
bliss, grace, gain and loss.

It’s a magical dreamspell;
unsatiated imagination and inquisitive seeking
has led her gypsy heart to
far away places and journeys taken.
She has a constant yearning
for flights of fantasy yet to come,
and the poet within truly longs to get back
to her home beyond the veil.

Not of this world,
an enigma most cannot comprehend,
she continues to re-mind herself to re-member --
to be the seer with the eye wide open,
of all the good, even in sorrow.
Some days she wistfully wonders
why she chose this mission,
knowing very well,
deep inside, the sacred reason.

Though the road is long
and often grows wearisome,
and she sometimes feels
she is running to stand still
with no where to run,
even now, there are so many amazing,
majestic treasures to behold
along the path;
lovers and beloveds to rejoin with,
and wrongs to make right.

She sees visions of Gaia
as she was and will be again.
Like Gaia, she is harnessing the energy,
returning to a powerful being-ness,
avowing to vanquish the shadows.
The sun shines stronger,
within and without;
freedom and redemption awaits.

There is always a new day,
a new life, and another new universe to cocreate.
So, she decides to wipe the tears away,
and the smile returns to her eyes,
as she joyously begins another trip around
her beloved sun.''
~ Caroline Amrita- The Muse Within

I would like to see a world that is more self sufficient and less reliant on power structures like the National Grid. I think the problem has been and always will be money, whether you live in the jungle wilderness or a City metropolitan. It always comes down to what is going to save us money. That's why I think the future of power generation will tend towards each and every house having printable solar panels. And I think the driving force will be the financial savings to each and every one of us. But it does not matter what the driving force is, if every house in the world could produce at least 50-65% of its power needs using clean and low costs printable solar panels, I think the knock on effect from this would be unprecedented, and achievable.- Marcus Pearson


Dear beautiful mother earth Gaia,

Thank you for loving and sustaining all of our forms here on earth.
Thank you from the deepest of all hearts, here living an incarnation with you at this time.
Thank you for allowing us to have this experience through these body Temples on the surface of your incredible form, my dear Mother Earth Gaia.

May in every moment I remain firmly grounded and rooted to your heart center. From this beautiful foundation of energy you provide so willingly, so lovingly and unconditionally, may we live a expanded heart center consciousness- Serving to restore balance and harmony with you our beautiful mother, mother nature, the animal kingdom, all beings, all hearts and humanity expanding out into the cosmos for the well being of all.

Sustainable agriculture in our own backyards, local organic healthy foods, sustainable healthy clothing and Homes. Plenty of purified mineral water for everyone to drink. Neighbors and communities working together to sustain life here on earth. A beautiful harmony that works with our mother earth Gaia, mother nature the animal kingdom and humanity for the well being of all. Everyone working hard but working together creating incredible peace and harmony here on earth. Sustainable transportation. Sustainable life for all hearts on this beautiful mother earth.
Just do everything you can from where you are. Recycle reuse buy local Organic harmonious, pick up litter whenever you see it anywhere, talk to each other about composting, talk to others about possible ways that we can live more sustainably now. Teach your children everything you can come up with and show them how to live from wherever you're at. Put out the consciousness of living incredible harmony here on earth. Everything every one of us does makes a huge impact. Not tomorrow...today.

I love you my mother, and so it is, nameste, amen - Ellie Hernandez


When I meet like minded people that are very aware and trying to inform people and change the world, I feel a kind of kinship or fraternity which is being renewed, rather than starting fresh. People have said things like "we are the same people who fought the forces of evil in Atlantis, and we are back for another round".
The further I go, the more this feeling is reinforced in me, that we really are a large family (or army) of warriors in defence of life and peace on Planet Earth. Whether reincarnation exists or not, (it feels like it does to me) or whether other times exist in parallel with this one, there is a feeling of reunion and familiar comradeship amongst many of the people I have contacted online.
I feel that we are waking up and remembering our mission, some more easily than others, some with difficulty or sloth, but we are approaching a critical mass, so to speak.

For me, your recollections mirrored mine in that you felt "the odd one out" or a "black sheep", as did I from very early on.
Even in my early family life, I was always thinking "who are these people I am living with". Although related physically, there was not a close kinship or a feeling of belonging, despite my mother and brother both being very nice people.
I felt the same at school, an outcast with intelligence and perception that did not benefit me, but rather brought ostracism and punishment, because I did not conform or accept the ways I was told to accept.
I could never comprehend such things as how money became worth less and less over time, or why there were wars. My parents told me "the war" was caused because a nasty German man wanted to take over the world, a belief I have now found to be false. I spent lots of time in reflection, I was a loner who walked for many miles as a child, often coming home very late.

As I grew up, I was distracted by experiences in the physical world but still felt that something was not right somehow.
Maturing in the 60's and 70's, I encountered lots of alternative experiences that offered a different perspective, as well as the lifestyles of other experimenters showed a different way of living, in harmony with nature and away from commercialism and a society that seemed dysfunctional, to say the least. It was not easy to completely baulk the capitalist system and I became a sort of fringe-dweller, still having not arrived in my alternative utopia. Although I could see the alternative life in harmony with nature and with groups of people enjoying it together, it seemed unattainable just for now.

Becoming disappointed and frustrated at not being able to enjoy a perfect life in this world, I stumbed into spiritual discovery, joining a group and learning meditation. This was good in that it gave me a grounding in knowing my inner self. I could contact a place in me that was still and peaceful. What I experienced was real and familiar. I could recognise the feeling from my time as a baby, feeling safe and satisfied.
Unfortunately, there was no teaching about holism and how to live practically in the physical world, while keeping centred inside oneself. Becoming vegatarian and later vegan helped healthwise, but still the picture was not complete.
I knew there was evil in the world, mainly the greed of capitalism overpowering the care for the environment or for the welfare of people worldwide. I knew this greed and evil existed, but thought it was more a result of ignorance and self-gratification than downright malevolence.

Around 1980, I met a guy who told me about the Illuminati, the Protocols of Zion and the Cosmic Conspiracy. He was Jewish and from America and hinted that his family were well off and that he had abandoned them and chosen a "beatnik" lifestyle over their wishes that he help generate money for the family. He was a good guy and I learnt a lot from him. He was not perfect but a decent, honest guy and at the time I thought he over-emphasized the threat that the Illuminati, Zionists, Club of Rome etc. posed. I was still under the impression that the world and mankind was still basically in a benevolent phase and that there was not too much to worry about yet.

Time went by as I still tried to live my life happily. I got married and had a child, got separated and divorced, moved to the countryside, living a simple lifestyle without electricity and running water, did some more introspection and dabbled in such things as visualisation, astral travelling, distant healing (these labels are not perfect descriptions of the phenomena I pursued). After some time, I retrained as a teacher of English as a second language, teaching in New Zealand at the time of the 9/11 events. I saw those things happening on tv with my colleagues and within perhaps 30 minutes had concluded that the "attacks" were self-inflicted, which catalysed me into examining a lot of things happening in the world and realising that there was actually some sort of evil conspiracy with the aims of causing death, destruction, fear and mayhem for the purpose of controlling and dominating humanity. Up to now, my awakening had been going on, but now it really accelerated.

I started meeting people "at random" who agreed that "911 was an inside job". I watched documentaries about the events and realised how they were part of a larger network of events. Soon I found that one or two old friends were also becoming aware of the things going on and we helped each other learn more. I started networking with people online, sometimes finding agreement and sometimes finding deceptive beings.
I remember being in a chatroom where people were discussing the pending invasion of Iraq and I was outnumbered by people calling for all Arabs to be nuked, wiped out etc. I know some of the people were simply misled sheep, but I also know it was my first experience of disinfo agents, who were calling for the war, chastising anyone (such as me) who was advising circumspection and restraint. These agents were saying they would fix things in 6 months, but I was saying it would be another Vietnam. Now we can see that another "eternal war" was their intention.

Now it feels like those of us trying to enlighten the masses have been in a war for years. We have to not only deal with our own feelings, but also to try to explain to people that the world is not like they think it is, to burst their bubble of comfort and make them aware of the danger that threatens them, their family and loved ones, and indeed the future of humanity. Personally, I have been through feelings of anger, defiance, sometimes fear, but the fear and anger have been replaced with a feeling of strength in doing the right thing, wishing and doing good for others, and a feeling of being bound to succeed, because the evil we will overcome is weak! The power of creation trumps the power of destruction.

The "powers that be" have spent a long time weaving their wicked web around humanity. Their symbolism has been woven into our everyday life, in attitudes, lifestyles, in culture, books, plays, movies, TV, flawed role models, repeated brainwashing about our unimportance as individuals. We have been taught that war is necessary, that people need to be sacrificed for freedom, that some people are more deserving than others, that some races are more capable of being in charge, that special families are entitled to rule, that governments must be obeyed, that we must work hard and pay taxes, accept our role as lowly serfs, while a few priveleged, greedy, inbred, money-grubbing miscreants rake in the fruits of our labours and still treat us harshly. This is the old and false paradigm that we have to replace with the new but classic one of equality, peace and harmony and symbiosis with our environment.

Whether the transition to the new paradigm is sudden or gradual is now a blurred line. With the misunderstanding and misinfo circulation around, we have been warned by our fellows many times to be ready for a "reset", a "shift", a "collapse", a "zombie apocalypse", a "meltdown" or a "SHTF" situation. Now, while I think that the financial system could grind to a halt as it's inevitable outcome arrives, I do not feel we are dependent on that or other events in the mainstream timetable to really control our schedule. Having recently contacted more people who are lighting candles rather than complaining about the darkness, I can see that the schedule is what we create it to be. Whether there is a "SHTF" scenario or not, we need to move into the alternatives in living situations, such as comfort and security, supplying food and water, energy considerations, and generally getting back to basics which would be just as relevant in a catastrophe or the new beginnings of truly civilised society on Earth. That solutionism is the way forward, becomes clearer all the time. If we are waiting for some stroke of the clock before we start acting differently, the chance to create our more desirable reality could slip through our fingers. We need to live now, so we might as well start as we mean to carry on. There will be some transitioning for sure, but we need to start practising what we preach and become adept at the necessary lifeskills that we will need regardless of what happens in the future.

James :)


"My commitment is to teach and live the returning awareness of spirit in matter, of reverence for all life knowing that all that exists is alive. To live and act in absolute integrity: integrity which never compromises itself by putting my own self centered ambitions, pride and greed ahead of the welfare of others in such a way that I am willing to act against their best interests merely to satisfy my own ambition. All life is sacred and I purpose to live every moment within the awe and wonder of this eternal gift of life. My great all encompassing motto: 'To accomplish every act for the benefit and welfare of all beings'."

Blessing to you-Ronald N. Quinn

If you want to take part in The Gaia Letters project and have your piece published in a collective writings book you can email me at thegaialetters@gmail.com or add your letter, poem, song or piece in the comments below or ask me to publish it in following Gaia Letters here on my blog as well as in the future book.

Carlita Shaw, author of The Silent Ecocide available in Paperback
or Kindle

The Gaia Letters Project

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