Super Moon Viewed From The Plane!

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Yesterday, while the plane back from Acapulco, Mexico, was coming into Quebec, we got to see the Super Moon while still above (more or less) the clouds. I've never had this opportunity before, since I don't fly often and will not fly again for a while.


This first one (above), I kept the brighter setting on to catch the luminosity of the moon as we could see it. I love the effect it gave. This is raw, no adjustments or filters, nothing done in Photoshop. This effect is completely natural, taken with my Canon Powershot SX730 HS. I love how there is a nice ring around the moon, a beautiful aura that elongates on one side. And I'm glad that the camera focused primarily its attention on the moon and not the window. I'm sure taken from outside a plane would give better results, but that would require supernatural abilities hehehe


After that first photo, I lowered the luminosity and zoomed in, trying to get a similar shot as when I took photos standing in my yard. However, that's also when we hit turbulence right before coming in for landing and no matter how much I tried to get a solid fix, the camera kept moving and my body could not be still enough to take a proper shot. This is one with the least amount of fuzziness. I'm sure I could sharpen it a tinge in Photoshop, but I won't be able to make it as sharp as those back yard photos from this Fall.


It gives an interesting effect though, similar to when you Photoshop in a either a Gaussian Blur or something. So there we go: Naturally-achieved Gaussian Blur :D

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wow the super moon looks amazing

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That's pretty cool! I had no idea that was even happening. I only ever get mooned on a plane when the beverage cart and flight attendant sequence with my aisle seat just right, haha!

HAHA nice! Well, I've never BEEN mooned or HAVE mooned on a plane, but seeing the moon was pretty nice. I love staring at the moon and last Fall I took pics of it from my back yard that turned out pretty neat. You could see some of the details and craters.

I had no idea this was a so-called "Super Moon" until we got home and Frank told me today "Oh, so the epic moon we saw from the plane was apparently the Super Moon."