Life 7 Miles Deep Under In The Mariana Trench In Pacific Ocean

in #naturelast year

The deepest point ever reached by man is 35,858 feet below the surface of the ocean. To go deeper, you'll have to travel to the bottom of the Challenger Deep, a section of the Mariana Trench under the Pacific Ocean 200 miles southwest of Guam. The Mariana Trench is a crescent-shaped trench. It is 11,034 meters (36,201 feet) deep, which is almost 7 miles.

Mariana Trench is so deep because the western Pacific is home to some of the oldest seafloor in the world - about 180 million years old.

The region surrounding the trench is remarkable. So what really lives at the bottom of the Mariana trench?

Scientists have finally revealed the Mariana Trench mystery. They discovered marine life tailored to 1,000-fold pressure levels. Take a look at the fascinating life forms 7 miles under water!

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