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RE: Birds and the Musa paradísiaca

in #nature3 years ago

Hey @ecoinstante, thank you for such itneresting information about Musa paradísiaca. Of course I enjoy banana, although first time I tasted it when I was more then 20 years, I immediately fell in love with banana and till now it is my favorite. it is interesting that birds are enjoying it too. As to leaves, you are right they are really huge. Couple of years ago we planted two banana trees in our garden and when they have had leaves my son could stand under it and was completely covered with it :)
Cheers from Art supporting blog @art-venture



Hi @art-venture, your welcome. Thank you very much for your comments. The Musa Paradísiaca is a super interesting plant and its fruit is delicious. I love bananas and plantains. We see that birds like too. :)

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