Sunrise from Zero Island Kilometer

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Hello Steemian,..
Watching the sun rise in the morning is fun, a variety of colorful reflections come to adorn the sky and can be witnessed by humans on earth. This fascinating sunrise I took from a height on the island of Sabang, Aceh.

The view in the morning is very beautiful and fun for anyone who gets up early to watch the sunrise. It has become our habit, to see the sunrise in the morning to take photos for us to capture.

To take this photo is not difficult, because this natural phenomenon every morning appears to illuminate the earth and is a source of energy and sources of life.

Usually we watch the sunset in the area of the ain, but if we look from the city of Sabang certainly pemnadangannya very different from other areas, because at sunrise the beauty of this nature combined with other natural atmosphere around like oceans and mountains.

A variety of colors reflected from the sun come mempeindah sky and we who witnessed not feel bored can even menghlangkan saturation. Among us often immortalize the sunset and I suggest occasionally take photos of the rising sun because the atmosphere and condition of nyan is very different especially in the morning the air is very fresh.

The view of the rising sun does not last long, about 15 minutes we can watch with satisfaction and takjup over all creation of God. If you go to Aceh do not forget to stop to Sabang city to watch the sunrise is very fascinating.

Likewise we must take all the lessons from the sun, very fascinated with the beauty but well we serve as a reflection bago all of us who are still healthy and live in this world.

Many lessons that we can make as a lesson from the sunset, for example the sun still shine illuminates the earth without expecting a reply or we can also make the sun continue to shine and we will continue to live until death.

Photos of sunrise from Sabang City, Aceh I took on the morning when I was in the city tour. I'm here to watch the sunrise from the city of Sabang is very beautiful and attract my attention, hope you all like the photos below.

Camera Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 (Photos By @armiden)



Photography is also a good talent. Your all pictures are good.

Photography is
Also a good talent. Your
All pictures are good.

                 - sunnysingh13

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Jak u Sabang hana rioh2 lee

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