Meditations On The Sunset

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Hello Steemians,...
We can always see the sunset as a sign of the arrival of night time, but many of us forget behind the natural phenomenon. The sun sets into an afterthought for all of us to take wisdom and lessons for all of us.

The day keeps changing day and so is the month and year, but we always neglect in life in this world. good people are people from day to day the better the deed and the closer to the god. If we do not change and even more and more lawless to God leave all His command and do the forbidden activity then our life in this world will lose.

We know all that life in this world is only temporary and lives in eternal eternity then what we do in this world good deeds and evil deeds we will receive the reward in the hereafter.

The sun sets as a mountain for us all, because every day we have passed will not meet again on the same day. We will continue to live the next day before death falls to us.

But all this time we see the sunset as a beauty just do not reflect on the meaning behind the sunset. Humans should be aware and change every day to perform better deeds than in the previous day.

For that my brothers all begin to live with kindness and help each other and immediately leave the evil deeds and let us raise our good deeds before leaving this world.
We keep trying to live a better life and invite friends to always remind each other in kindness. Remember we all human beings live only temporarily in this world and eternal life in the hereafter.

Often we see in this world regret will come at the time of old, and then bertecbat to God. So now before it is too late and still in good health let us draw closer to God by doing the deeds of worship and leave the ban before we regret in the hereafter.

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