AMAZING SUNSET with MI Drone , VERY Cool Birds

in nature •  6 months ago

Hello sweet people,

I went to the lake near my house yesterday and play with my drone. Enjoy beautiful sunset :)

Let's start to do Sunday vlog :)


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You have not exaggerated with the title, the sunset couldn't be more beautiful and the birds are simply adorable.


Thank you :)

Drones have taken photography and video to an entire new level.


@oraclefrequency yes its depend on how you are using it also. I'm a new driver so I'm not taking any level yet lol

amazing content creator star on trending words


@khabir Awww you are so sweet:)

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Thailand is soo beautiful, I might just have to visit! I like the drone footage, my husband really wants to get a drone too someday. Nice spot Anne!


I'm waiting for you 😃 Xiaomi make very good and cheap drone but the only thing it's too big to bring around.

The drone footage looks awesome! I can’t wait to get my own drone one day. Is the MI you’re using expensive? Also sun conures are some of my favourite birds! I had a pair of them growing up. Did someone tame them and just bring them out to play? Also you look so cute on the bike! 😊💗


The one I use is from Xiaomi they make good and cheap drone. Xiaomi well know with making things very good quality and cheap.

This bird are from Australia I think. I went to Goldcoast they have some place you can give the food to the birds and they are over 100 of them or probably 1000 of them They come to you. I love them they are beautiful and smart. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️