The arrival of autumn

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Hello dears!


And here again come autumn. This time of year is very punctual. Perhaps autumn is the only season that is never late. And as soon as September opens on the calendar, autumn immediately comes into its own.


Already in the air there is this special smell of ripe apples and the first fallen leaves. The sun becomes so gentle, the air is cool and fresh. The morning greeted us with fog that does not like summer. Everywhere there are cobwebs in the drops of dew, it is so beautiful. And this is so on autumn. I love autumn very much, and this year I waited for its arrival especially tremblingly.


I don't know what is the reason for this special feeling in me, as if some joyful foreboding, as if something extraordinary will happen this fall. My mood is so excited and joyful now. I spend a lot of time in the air, walking and photographing. I again resumed my morning runs and it gives me a positive charge in the morning. Now my children went to school and kindergarten, and I had a lot of time for myself. I am starting a new training related to photography and one personal marathon. It's so cool, I love this fall reboot of mine. Although in the summer I did not waste time in vain, but right now I am standing on the threshold of something new, and I feel this change with every cell of the body.


Thanks for stopping by. I'll see you soon.


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