Steemit Philippines Travel and Nature Photography #555 - by Allmonitors

in #nature3 years ago

#555 - Enjoying the sunflowers.

Once a year before graduation in the University of the Philippines these sunflowers also bear their flowers just in time for the graduation rites. This is also the same spot where I take photos of the honeybees because there are plenty of them.


That is why many of the people that passes along the entrance where these flowers are also take their time to get photos and selfies. Including us.😊

My wife asked me a lot to take her photos in several spots of the sunflower fields. It takes sometime because there are also other people who are taking photos where the spots my wife chooses so we have to wait. It was also sunny so we are expose and sweaty at 3pm that day.😁

Follow me on my nature travels.
Shot taken in Quezon City, Philippines.

Image/s were shot using SBD paid Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex

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