Steemit Philippines Travel and Nature Photography #549 - by Allmonitors

in #nature3 years ago

#549 - "FEAR LESS" that's what it says by the writings in the pink sling bag of H&M my wife wears. Ahead are boulders of huge rocks and far beyond is a road connecting the green Cordillera mountains. The view here is relaxing and at the same time fulfilling. We came here for the fresh air and to detox from urban stress.😊


Following our guide through the man made trail formed by endless people walking the same path, killing the ground weeds, forming a path that serves as a guide to our next destination which is Mount Ulap. The climb here is a bit challenging, we have to stop at the peak of this mountain to get some more fresh air before heading again.😊

Now are going down hill, our objetive is still a few mointain tops far ahead. We asked our selves, are we there yet? Haha, but the view rids all of the doubts and we just move forward. The weather is on our side that day so it is a great day ahead of us and a day to cheer.😊

Follow me on my nature travels.
Shot taken in Itogon Benguet, Philippines.

Image/s were shot using SBD paid Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex

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