Steemit Philippines Travel and Nature Photography #548 - by Allmonitors

in #nature3 years ago

#548 - Memories of mass gathering of the faithful. We may only go out once in a while to worship but some times we do it by going out of town.

This is the Padre Pio Shrine just outside the Metro. One of the dome in this big acre of land has a big figure of the father and son hanging in the center with some open lighting above.


A large number of devotees attending the mass. Far beyond is another dome where a mass is being held. There are too many people that attend the mass here so they put roofs outside the dome for those who cannot get inside.


Another shot of the father and son, closer to center of the dome.

Shot taken in Sto. Tomas Batangas, Philippines.

Image/s were shot using SBD paid Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex

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