Baby Squirrel Rescue - Good Samaritan

in nature •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hey Guys,

Like to share my interesting thing happened for me yesterday. Which made me a good Samaritan. As I love animals and bird a lot. After parking my car I heard a twirking sound around me but couldn't figure out what was it. As I am really scared about mice or mouse damaging my car wiring. It was a pleasant surprise I saw two little baby squirrel inside a nest lying in the ground. It must have fallen from cocunut tree due to gusty winds in the morning. Initially I don't know what to do in excitement and innocence replicated from the face of two cuties. Challenging part was taking both of them from the nest as by god creation it was well cushioned and protected. That made it to survive a 25 feet fall.

Later I made a cardboard kind of home for them and bought ink filler and gave milk. To my astonishment both drank tummy full. Both of them are sound and in good health. Will post you after few days maybe in days they may become teenagers, considering their life cycle milestones.

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