"Telaga Warna" The Mysterious Nature Phenomenon

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.Hello steemian friend, good night all, well buddy how about your news today whether it is fine, I hope so too. At night I want to nemposting the beauty of nature lake color.

**.Telaga Warna located in Tugu Village, Cisarua District, Bogor Regency is located about 200 meters from Resto Rindu Alam after At-Ta'awun Mosque. Telaga Warna The Peak of Cisarua Pass is adjacent to Ciseureuh tea plantation and in the west is limited by Gunung Mas plantation area, precisely in Cisarua District, Bogor Regency. **

Before it was designated as a tourist park area in 1972, Telaga Warna Puncak Pass area Cisarua-Bogor, is part of the Nature Reserve Area of ​​Mt. Mega Mendung Mountain and Mt. Hambalang forest. In Telaga Warna Peak Pass Cisarua, you can play Flying Fox. In addition you can sit back enjoying the green forest, the lake is calm, breezy, or just playing the boat.
The beauty of Lake Color is not enough words are expressed. This is a beautiful lake. Behind it, it turns out that Lake Color hides a history that almost escaped the attention.
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