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Cyclone, Typhoon, and Hurricane: An effect of different nameshurricane-1049612_1280.jpg

These are often words that make them suspicious. These names refer to the tropical cyclone of the earth in many of the Earth's oceanscold-front-63037__480.jpg.
A tropical cyclone is an atmospheric phenomenon that circulates around a region of confusion. The dense clouds of water are formed from the surrounding area due to the lack of core concentration. Most depressing phenomena are formed on the oceans in the middle of the oceans. Some of these startups, which are beginning to be minor defects, have a severe depression, cyclone) evolves. A miner zone will generate cyclonic cyclones up to 40 to 50 km per hour .Another low pressure, cycle gas and high torque will make the wind speeds gradually increase by between two hundred and two hundred fifty kilometers of hurricane cycles.
Equatorial cycles generated in the Indian Ocean are commonly referred to as cyclones. Equatorial cyclones are commonly referred to as hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean and the Northwest Pacific Ocean .They are named Typhoon in the Pacific Ocean. The same phenomenon is known only in different regions of the world. The equatorial equatorial equatorial rotation is the anti - clockwise, and the clockwise direction in the southern hemisphere .The equatorial equilibrium has a hundred and a half kilometers from a hundred kilometersstorm-1209365_1280.jpg.
The Severe Depression defines a minority depression in the Indian Ocean. The speed of the cyclone is about 60 km. When the speed of wind is about 100 kilometers per kilometer, a severe decline is considered a cyclone. When the wind rushes about 180 km / h (hour), the cyclone is extrilyely cyclonic storm
Cyclonic Storm) and the cyclonic cyclonic storm is also considered as the cyclonic storm when it reaches 250 km / h.
In the middle of the reactor, cyclogues are also called extratropical cyclones. Volcanoes formed in polar regions are called polar low. Polar law and extra-tropical cyclones are not as massive as heavy equatorial cyclones, nor do they cause damage.
Meso cyclone is commonly referred to as Meso Cyclone .Some of the Meso cyclones with diameters (some mesoscylons are more than 50 km in diameter) are diametrically disturbed.
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