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FACT: The most poisonous mushroom in the world is the Amanita Phaloida, a yellow-olive. The victim dies 15 hours after eating it. The mushrooms have a fat content of about 3%, being low in calories. It has a high content of carbohydrates and minerals: Potassium, phosphorus, iron, selenium and magnesium. They are rich in vitamin D, B1 and B2.

Il fungo più velenoso del mondo è l'Amanita Phaloida, un giallo-oliva. La vittima muore 15 ore dopo averlo mangiato. I funghi hanno un contenuto di grassI di solo 3%, quindi basso contenuto di calorie. Ha invece un alto contenuto di carboidrati e minerali: potassio, fosforo, ferro, selenio e magnesio. Sono ricchi di vitamina D, B1 e B2.

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Nice selection of mushrooms again @adrianobalan. They make great photographic subjects as they are so different from one another. 😊

I understand many things from the post. So I want to say that everyone likes this post.

I have seen this in Canada too. Especially yellow ones.

truly said!! it is said to have a quite pleasant taste but is one of the most deadly species of poisonous. You can be poisoned even by touching a poisonous mushroom.

The red mushroom is so beautiful. Nice picture.

You have a lot of talent friend, I really like your photos really.


You have a lot of
Talent friend, I really like
Your photos really.

                 - elider11

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Ciao amico! Sei un fotografo incredibile, le macrofotografie sono molto buone, grazie per aver condiviso il tuo talento.