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I often take plants in front of my sunset photographs too adrianobalan. I think it works really well. 😊

Ciao amico, quel tramonto è semplicemente spettacolare il tuo lavoro come sempre bello ed espressivo, mi piace tanto quanto quando scrivi di Roma e le eccellenti fotografie che pubblichi, congratulazioni per l'ennesima volta, saluti @adrianobalan

Senza dubbio, una magnifica foto trasmette una grande tranquillità e pace. Dio benedica quel meraviglioso dono di trasmettere così tanto attraverso le tue fotografie.

looks lovely

Nice scene, really like the yellow. Well done.

This looks to be a perfect evening spot, if you are with your loved ones..


This looks to be a
Perfect evening spot, if you
Are with your loved ones..

                 - mik1

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Great picture congrats

Wow ! beautiful Shot my friend @adrianobalan

Nice. Hard to guess where horizon is :)

It is really beautiful. Viewing sunsets can be so calming

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I just love sunsets as they come at a time when everything is starting to quiet down.

Very beautiful photography 💓

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