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If you still notice a butterfly with its open wings, it absorbs light from the sun in order to raise its body temperature. Peacock butterflies use eye models on their wings to frighten predators. The wings are very delicate and often break, but still there should be a lot of damage to stop them from flying.


Wraps containing colored pigments can also blur in sunlight. If a butterfly looks pale it might be near the end of its life. Sometimes, color pigments can change and rare variations occur like copper wings with white wings instead of orange. There are often ultraviolet patterns in the wings that we can not see, but which may possibly be seen by other butterflies.


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Fantastic photos of these butterflies! Such an amazing 2nd photo!

Very beautiful pictures. They are all very nice, but I was really stunned by the second one. Truly amazing!!

Wonderful butterfly 🐝photoshoot....and lovely post..dear friend adrianobalan

In questa pubblicazione, ci dai un riassunto molto importante sull'anatomia delle farfalle e le loro qualità, e ancora una volta ammiro la natura saggia che dipinge i luoghi della bellezza, ma ti ammiro perché solo con una macchina fotografica hai il privilegio per vedere e condividere la bella immagine degli esseri viventi, richiede molta pazienza e buon occhio per fare degli scatti così meravigliosi. La seconda immagine è impressionante. saluti @adrianobalan

Wow. Those blue eyes @adrianobalan! how close to a butterfly do you have to get to take photographs like that or do you have a very , very long lens?😊

It looks beautiful

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Cool photos :)

very nice photos <3 <3

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Wow... spectacular photography

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