###The natural beauty of Aceh

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Most of Aceh is mountainous

Louser-Aceh is known as the lungs of the world, because of the dense forests that can reduce geothermal energy


From a distance, you can see a mountain that towers from the south, which is called Mount Louser.

All the inhabitants of this earth also have a mandate, namely to participate in preserving the Mount Louser, from the propagation of the forest and the conversion of forest functions carried out by large companies such as planting oil palm in the mountain circle Louser.

Is it true that farmers and planters destroy forests...?

This is a #Isuus spread by irresponsible parties, to scapegoat (blame) the farmers.


The party that finances the hoax issue should not have committed this lie, because the real forest destruction is the work of companies that employ machinery such as exapators to clean wood from a large size to the size of a little finger, with a work force of tens of hectares per week.


Not comparable to the strength of the hands of farmers who use hoes and machetes to cut down a forest that can only be cleaned 1 hectare in 6 months, this is a lie that distorts the facts that blame the farmers for encroaching on the forest. Those who are not responsible, whoever they are, who have given permission to destroy this nature, who bear the consequences are human beings all over the earth.

This is proof that when the rainy season arrives, no one is able to hold water in the mountains anymore and the community's rice fields fail to harvest.





Our message for Earthlings: Give support and Help Us, forest explorers to protect these animals, rivers and nature.

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