Favorite Hot Water Baths in North Sumatra, Indonesia, Water Swimming Pool Direct from Source

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Hot springs in some areas in Sumatra are already managed by the government and residents to offer hot springs in ceramic ponds such as swimming pools.

It is certainly to provide comfort and warm water that fits. If you take a shower directly from the source of sulfur springs without a mixture of cold water, can be guaranteed your body can blister hot. So that the hot water is accommodated and mixed by fresh water with the dominant sulfur content and still does not eliminate the usefulness.

There are 3 hot springs that are now in demand in North Sumatra by offering a heated swimming pool bath.

First, the island of Samosir is rich in tourist attractions, does not stop at the beauty of Lake Toba and historical relics, there is also a mountain that produces sulfur and has hot springs or often called Aek Rangat by residents, and called Hot Spring by local and foreign tourists .

Hot spring located in Pusuk Buhit mountain, Pangururan city in Samosir regency becomes a tourist interest of local and foreign tourists


Aek Rangat is located just below the foot of Pusuk Buhit mountain, the highest point in the area of ​​Lake Toba. Warm water is flowing from a large mountain that is colored grayish white.

The beauty of the mountain that produces warm water is also not separated into an interesting photo object. In addition to the exotic color is not like the mountain in general, the foot of the mountain is also easy to climb because it already has access to ride.

For visitors who want to feel the warm water directly from the mountain stream can also take it from the crevices of the stone, but certainly can not to bathe because of its high heat content.

Therefore, in the area of ​​the foot of the mountain is managed by residents to open swimming pools aek rangat bath for visitors who want to bathe.

The pools immediately accommodate aek rangat from the foot of the mountain which is then mixed with fresh water to neutralize the heat and high sulfur content from the foot of the mountain.

Roha, the board of Hot Spring Panguruan baths, said it has a choice of several ponds. There is a pool that is quite hot, and moderate. And a pool for women and men as well as a pool for the kids.

"We distinguish the pool for the convenience of visitors, especially for children, we make the pool low or short and not hot," he explained.

Secondly, the tourist attraction in the area of ​​Gunung Sibayak Mountain that can not be missed is the Sidebu-dust hot water bath. Travelers can enjoy the view of the mountain at the same time soaking in hot water.

Sidebuk-debuk is a village that has a source of hot water with sulfur content. Sulfur is very good for skin health.

Silalahi, the owner of hot water bath said, the efficacy of sulfur water in natural hot water baths Sidebuk-debuk can smooth the skin

, eliminates itching and allergies on the skin. For the stiff or or low back pain is also good.

The Sidebuk-debuk hot water bath contains 16 to 20 percent sulfur so it also helps remove toxins from the body, overcoming skin diseases, lowers blood sugar levels, smooths blood flow, and more.

"Many local visitors as well as foreign tourists visit this place for relaxation to enjoy the warmth of sulfur water in the middle of the cold mountain air," he said.

In the bath location there is also a special location for children under 5 years old. So no need to worry if we bring a small child.

The source of hot springs emerges through the cracks of lava flows in the southern area of ​​Sibayak volcano. Residents around use it by opening a hot water bath for tourists.

Third, the potency of hot water bath of Embun Pagi in Penen Village of Sibiru-blue Regency of Deli Serdang Regency in North Sumatera becomes tourist place being developed several years. Although new, visitors will not be made sorry.

The baths offer beautiful natural scenery, rustic atmosphere is still awake, and the hot springs. Puan stop by if curious, because it is not difficult to find a tourist spot in this Penen village.

Previously, this place is crowded, especially after developed with the creation of pools that accommodate hot water, this place is increasingly crowded by local and foreign tourists.

There have been built artificial ponds that hold sulfur water, so visitors no longer need to accommodate water from hot springs. But, visitors can still see the source of hot springs when entering the baths.

The source of the springs are on the right and left flows that flow into the artificial pond. There is a great source of hot springs made flowing into the shower of bamboo to give a hotter sensation for those who like..

Those are some hot water spots that are worth visiting in north sumatera Indonesia, in addition to presenting beautiful scenery, but the entire airpanas in the pond comes directly from the mountain ..

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