Animal of the Week - Axolotl

in nature •  3 months ago 


Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) also known as the Mexican walking fish is a species of salamander, an amphibian. Unlike other species of amphibians, they have a rare trait of retaining the larval stage features throughout life till adult - Neotony. And they live permanently in water.

Axototl can also regenerate like other amphibians - an ability scientists spend their entire life studying as its benefits are immensely great if understood.
Regenerative abilities have limits but that of the Axolotl is second to none. Axolotl can regenerate any part of its body completely and flawlessly. It can regenerate multiple structures like limbs, jaws, tail, spinal cord, skin and more, multiple times without evidence of scarring.

Axolotl is classified as a critically endangered species.


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