I can't go bald and I am not going to..

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You have no idea how much one's hair could fall in a day. Ask @teamsteem, I think he might remember how much hair he saw on the floor every single day when he's staying with me for a bit in Bangkok last year.

It's normal. Everyone's hair should fall at least like, 100 of them a day..

No, I'm panic and I don't feel comfortable still.. It's crazy!!! This gotta be fixed and there's gotta be a way!

While writing this post, 2 people came in mind..

  • @sergiomendes .. for the fact that I take a photo of myself in bathroom and share on social media.
  • @samstonehill .. for the reason that he's been facing the same problem. Though, seems like he figured out some ways to make it better!

I did a little research about products I could try next. My natural shampoo with 'Butterfly pea exact' was running out. One say this is better, the others say differently so.. I somehow went for the brand 'Bergamot' as it's an old Thai brands for years and they specialise in hair loss.

Not just one but 2 Bergamot products!

They say, generally, over 90% of hair loss/ thinning hair problems occur due to oily scalp (which I have). The genetic trait that causes oil glands underneath the scalp to produce*** so much oil that it becomes the source of food for bacteria and mold*** (Not it's grossing me out). The hair follicles get clogged and making the hair roots weak and infected. Eventually, resulting in hair loss.

I have been suggested to use both the shampoo and the tonic. Suddenly invested in these special sort of natural hair care products.. it's better work!



When I buy anything, I usually look at the ingredients.. These two look pretty good to me. At least, there's no paraben! That's my most concern for some reason. I have no idea about the chemical terms and all but I love it when they have a lot of 'Extract' words on the package. Make me feel like I'm getting closer and closer to the nature XD #dumb theory but 100% true



After I got home, I went straight to the shower and give both products a go. Fingers crossed for it to work as I really have such high hope.

Are you facing the same estupido problem at all? I may be just thinking too much.. It's not that bad but you know, not that good..

Anything interesting at all about all the products you've been using? Do share! <3

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my hair started thinning when i crossed over into 40-land. I don't really believe the claims that any of these products make but I wish you the best of luck. I suppose it is easier for a man because I can just shave my head and try to look like Bruce Willis or Jason Statham.

You're already 40?? With the combat thing somehow makes me think you're pretty much the same age!

Believe me, I can try to look like Bruce too lolololol

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people in their 40's are allowed to fight also :P haha

Agreed haha 🙈🙈

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Good old days 🤣🤣.. The stressless life of not doing the hair

hahaha 🤣🤣

You should shave your head.

you should check your twitter and answer my questions :D

did the products help? :)

I just started using it yesterday so can't really tell. Maybe in a few months then we shall judge it :D

Thank you for sharing this information, this information is worth 100% upvote (by NATRL Token)

Thanks a TON 😊

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Looks like there's some good research out there supporting the efficacy of bergamont oil along with some other essential oils like Jojoba oil, and even peppermint oils.

Yessss, the tonic (gold box) has even more fruit/veg extracts.. I hope it works!

Yes 50 to 100 is about how much I heard we normally lose.

I still can't stand the fact.. haha

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I'm worried about losing hair too. And i keep changing shampoo to see which will help 😂

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I have been using the natural ones.. I think your hair looks just fine! :D

😂 but i can see my hair everywhere on the floor and it's kinda scary

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Same here!!!! Hahahaha

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you are Asian. it would be unnatural if you didn't leave your hair all over the place. :P

@adetorrent told you to shave your head

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It's the only way.

😂😂😂 yes! But now i still love my hair

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So you saying you don't like the color of my hair. Mo ???

Don't worry baby girl if I ever have the chance to stay
I won't shed one follicle

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Hahaa it's ok @gooddream says, you can try to look like Bruce

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Maybe Bruce trying to look like me

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Hmm, seems like bergamot is a good one - I wonder if the essential oil on it's own would help? I think rosemary is also a good hair tonic.

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