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In lay man points
Vitamin is among the six classes of food , which helps in the repair of worn out tissues on the body.
In scientific explanation, vitamin are organic compounds that are needed in small quantities to sustain life.

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The human body have a means of acquiring or consuming some vitamins like both vitamin C and D
Vitamin C is been acquired from fruits like oranges, banana, mangoes, pineapple and vegetables.


Vitamin D is been acquired from the early morning sun, because it is not availably enough, in food quantities, then the human body tends to get it from the sunlight.

There are different vitamins that have different necessary roles it qualifies. And they are 13 vitamins.

  1. Vitamin A : also known as Retinol
    It's deficiency is about the eye, it causes night blindness, an eye disorder.
    Examples of good sources are carrot, sweet potatoes.
  2. Vitamin B: also known as thiamine
    It's deficiency is mainly for children, teenagers it causes beri-beri examples of good source pork, yeast and eggs.
  3. Vitamin B2: also known as riboflavin
    It's deficiency is a body disorder which causes ariboflavinosis
    Examples of good source milk, fish, and meat.
  4. Vitamin B3: also known as Niacin
    Its deficiency is it causes diarrhea, which is not a good habit and stomach instability. Examples of good source chicken, beef, tomatoes.
  5. Vitamin B5: also known as pantothenic acid
    It's deficiency it causes paresthesia in the body. Examples of good source meat, whole grains.
  6. Vitamin B6: also known as pyridoxine
    It's deficiency it causes disorder to the nervous system order than the brain and spinal cord. Examples of good source banana, vegetables and nuts.
  7. Vitamin B7: also known as Biotin
    It's deficiency, it causes damages to the intestine, which is inflammation, which is not good to the body system. Examples of good sources egg York, liver, vegetables.
  8. Vitamin B9: also known as Folic acid
    It's deficiency, is it affects pregnant women, so the pregnant women are advised to supplement folic acid before becoming pregnant. Examples of good source leafy vegetables.
  9. Vitamin B12: also known as Cyanocobalamin
    It's deficiency can causes a bad condition with the bone marrow, whereby it produces immature red blood cells. Examples of source fish, meat and eggs.
  10. Vitamin C: also known as ascorbic acid
    It's deficiency is, it causes megaloblastic anemia. Examples of good source fruit and vegetables.
  11. Vitamin D: also known as Cholecalciferol
    It affects younger children when growing up, it's deficiency is rickets and softening of the bones. Examples of good source is exposure to ultraviolet rays through sunlight.
  12. Vitamin E: also known as Tocopherols
    It' s deficiency is uncommon, and it causes anemia in newborn babies, it is where the blood cells in the new born are damaged and destroyed and taken from the blood too early. Examples of good source kiwi fruit, avocado, milk.
  13. Vitamin K: also known as Phylloquinone
    Its deficiency is whereby bleeding is unusual, that is bleeding out of the body, without anything causing the bleeding. Examples of good source leafy green vegetables, kiwi fruits.

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