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RE: Witch Hazel Extract - Day 233 - Haiku - Great for Skin, Hair, and So Much More! UPDATED - with Instructions

This is just sensational. I use witch hazel a lot but have not had the chance to see if it is something I can grow here. I am adding this to my winter garden planning list. Love this so much!! thank you.


You're welcome!

I was blown away while researching this article how many uses for witch hazel I had never even heard of, and as many as I noted in the article, there are still more mentioned in the links that I included.

As just one example, the Mohegan tribe taught the early English settlers how to dowse for water underground, using witch hazel saplings.

In the Appalachians it grows wild, and is still fairly common, as unlike a lot of medicinal and multi-use plants, it has not been overharvested here.

Ditto in Europe, though I understand that there has been more pressure on the wild population there.

And it has been naturalized in much of the rest of the world, particularly in the western U.S., so seedlings are easy to find online, and many nurseries carry them.

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