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Interesting article, @mymoontao. What do you think about the fluoride toothpaste? Are they safe or unsafe?

PS: I've find your post because @porters featured you in her entry for the Pay It Forward Contest

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Wow, thanks for sharing that.
As for flouride... I should have commented on that in the article... it didn't even occur to me. My feelings on it are that it is not good. When I first began my holistic cancer treatment I started with therapeutic fasting, which I ran into in a book called 'Are You Confused' by Paavo Airola. There was a chapter on flouride that was very enlightening and it said that flouride CAUSES tooth mottling, which is basically a weakness in dentin that makes teeth sensitive to cavities or starts them off. Since that time I don't use a flouride toothpaste and I've been lucky enough to live in places that did not flouridate the water. I know I saw something recently where it was declared a neurotoxin in some country, I will see if I can find that link again. (Wasn't it outlawed in Florida)? But there's a lot of information out there on this. Another thing. Flouride is known to cause 'suggestibility' in humans, again that whole neurotoxin thing. Thanks for the comment and also the links!!

@trincowski - I did a couple of articles on fluoride back in the spring - it definitely wasn't a good thing. For me, personally, I have enough trouble with my thyroid to want to ingest something that competes with iodine... (fluoride along with chlorine, bromine...)

Here we are...

Oh yep. Thyroid. I think Anthony William mentions this about flouride in his Thyroid Healing book.

I healed my underactive thyroid. I still have to watch it closely, but I produce good lab results now.

I stopped attacking it with soy and other iodine competitors, supplemented with iodine at a therapeutic level, and things sort of went back to normal.

Thyroxine is major trigger of my chronic fatigue, so finding an alternative was important.

BTW, if your temp is below 98F, your thyroid cannot function correctly. And most of us with underactive thyroids have low body temps. Figure out what's suppressing your temp (for me: soy is no. 1, then corn sweeteners) and it's completely possible to correct it.

You are just a wellspring of information! I'm so glad for all of your comments. We just went into an Aquarian Sun and I was thinking you fit that timing perfectly. I am very interested in learning more about the phosphate issue and now this iodine competition issue. I've got thyroid issues. Definitely done some Bromine clearing from T receptor sites... my best remedy for that has been kelp (iodine source, huh? hm...) :)

I have an Aquarius sun. :-)

Kelp is great. You can get granules at Natural Grocer (I think - I did once, anyway), but I now just get a tincture. You'll have to look it up (and be aware of hyperthyroid symptoms), but I use about 9 times the RDA when I need the iodine. (No way I could find you the link now... that was years ago.)

Watch your first-thing-in-the-morning temp to keep an eye on how your thyroid is functioning.

I had a thyroid specialist tell me that the fact I was able to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term was proof that I had succeeded in correcting it.

My general practitioner at the time was stunned that I'd managed to do it without thyroxine.

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