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RE: The Beauty and Fluidity of Movement

This is beautifully expressed and reminds me sooooo much of when I was getting into tai chi, just the images of people moving in this way blew my mind and it was constant awe. How people can embody such energy and suppleness and exquisite beauty was just beyond me. I fell in love before I even knew what it was.
Firstly, thank you for the mention, it's a beautiful thought that you were inspired by what we all shared. I walked away from that radio show pinching myself and counting my lucky stars that I'm able to connect with such incredible people on that level, where conversations can happen that are discussing real life and real reality! Just amazing to be part of a community like this. And it made me miss tai chi! For me, there is a sad story behind my journey that perhaps one day I will share, but it's a real hope of mine that I can someday find my way back to tai chi. In some ways, it becomes a part of you, and the pinnacle if there is one, and the best advicei could share to a fellow practitioner, is that tai chi is not a practice of "while you practice", it is a practice that you embody to the core. Every movement will become it, and it happens naturally in that sense. It's to me the most incredible part of the art, truly as you say, an affair with the elements... Including the element of self.
I can not wait to hear about this journey for you. Please let's chat any time!
We are all in the process of becoming. It's one of my favorite things about life. Blessings. 🙏


I will be taking you up on your offer and reaching out, I will also be following and supporting you, I feel an innate nudging by the universe for me to do so and I will gladly surrender to that nudging/unction. I can sense by your words that Tai Chi has become a part of you and I just want to say that when you are not where you feel you need to be to practice it physically continue the art and expression of it in your mind see yourself going through the positions in your minds-eye and after you practice it at this level you may find it to be rewarding and beneficial as this ancient art form embraces you back. Because you did not just choose to do Tai Chi it also chose you and the love affair between the two of you is reciprocal. Thank you @thetreeoflife for reading my post and your comments which means a lot. Blessings

Thank you for sharing that insight. It's funny, as far as I feel at times in comparison to how intimate I was with the art... It always finds ways of pulling me back in. Thank you for that beautiful reminder. I look forward to sharing more with you 😊🙏

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