Lavender Flower Sachets bring us Joy!

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As we switch over to more and more natural products in our household, we are finding that yes, our quality of life improves, but one thing we really miss is nice fragrances, especially in our laundry.
We use an oil diffuser (our favorite smells are rosemary, vetiver, lavender, and peppermint), so our house usually smells nice and we enjoy the therapeutic effects as well. But we don't use dryer sheets (yuck bpa... We use wool balls instead), and we miss the nice smells in our towels. I've used essential oil mists on the towels, but find the nice smells only hang around for 12 hours or so. Not nearly long enough.

We stopped by The VC yesterday (Natural Grocers in the States... One of my favorite places to go for bulk herbs), and stocked up on supplies... Amber bottles for oil blends, and larger ones for elderberry cold syrup. And while there, we found these tiny reusable tea sachets and bulk lavender flower for cheap cheap cheap! My whole project cost me less than 4 USD and I have lots of lavender flower left over for kombucha.

I made some lovely little lavender sachets to put between our towels, so now when we get out of the shower and dry off, we will be surrounded with the lovely scent of lavender flower.

It probably seems silly, but my hubby and I both find such enjoyment in small luxuries like this, especially when they are also natural medicines. We like to live simply and transition more and more toward a minimal lifestyle. But for us, it's the little things! Like wrapping ourselves in nice smells and things that help us feel cozy and warm and natural.

Plus it was a fun little hands on project while we watched Bruce Springsteen on Broadway on a lazy Sunday morning.


I used a quick release knot on my sachets so I can easily reuse them, or replenish the lavender flowers if this project works as intended.
As I put them together, I'm already surrounded with the scent of lavender flower, and I realize I just love little projects like this. It just feels good to live naturally! And natural fragrances are so far superior and far healthier than fake chemical perfumes.

Just one tiny lavender flower, when I roll it between two fingers, releases such an amazing fragrance and our whole living room is filled with natural happy floral goodness.

Hope this simple post finds you all well!

Xx the tree of life

Also, here is a link to the elderberry cold syrup recipe, from @riverflows. It's a gorgeous article and my syrup turned out great!

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I have not made lavender sachets in a very long while and I really need to; your post got me thinking about them again.

The one beautiful thing about the sachets, is that when the scent disappears, you just give the bag a squeeze to crush some of the buds and it releases scent again... it prolongs the use of the sachets and depending upon how much lavender is in the bag, can last for years.

Thanks so much for sharing @treeoflife and sparking my desire to make some again!

Awesome! Yeah this was such a fun little craft.
Good to know they will last for years. We made 10 of them and are storing some in a ziploc to hopefully keep them fresher.
Whole house smells good today!
Thanks for your comment and support. And welcome to NM, so nice to see you there.

I have planted lavender in my backyard and this year it has thrived so I will have to harvest the flowers and try this. I think you can even get some leaves and dry them too.

Oh to have lavender growing in my own backyard! There are times that I find it foraging but have yet to cultivate it :-) so nice you can just pick it and use it. Lavenders great for so many things! Thanks for comment and support :-) have a great day.

I love the lavender fragrance. It is so soothing for the senses. I normally use lavender essential oil as a body fragrance. Thank you for sharing

I love it too, it's one of my favorite smells ever and it's so multipurpose and safe, we literally use lavender for everything. Thanks for your comment and support, glad you enjoyed the article!

Xx ToL

Sent to the wife. She likes smells and flowers and laundry. Well, not laundry, but maybe smelly things would help.

I doubt it, our laundry smells great now and I still loathe doing it. 😂

Thanks for sharing tho! I hope she enjoys it. 😊

Oh how lovely. I like the way you can refill them ... I could just put fresh sprigs in there. I must plant some lavender.. I usually pinch it when I'm off walking he he...

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