Living with Apps... Can Meditation really Work?

Mindfulness in the digital age


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I am going through some shit, that's for sure! I guess we all are from time to time. I finally came around to the idea that I need to purge my mind, to de-fragment it, and I need to be thinking as clear as possible.

Here's the thing, I (like most doers and the likes) am none-stop all the time. Well no, not really, I do take breaks from time to time but they're very short and and usually can't sit still for very long. My wife laughs makes fun of me actually! I don't mind though, that's what I like to do. Everyday I try to work on something that brings me closer to living in harmony with my dreams. Sometimes it's writing a post like this one today, and sometimes it's trying to figure out where to build our house and with what materials...

There's a constant stream of thoughts.

I am always thinking about something, those thoughts wake me up early. It's ok I like to wake up with the sun, but there times when I get up to have a wee at three or four, and the mind turns on. It sends me all kinds problems from which I'm supposed to find solutions!

I have access to sweat lodge ceremonies and many other medicines, but I always have an excuse that has something to do with being busy building this dream for community. So from time to time I meditate to clear my head, to try going back to bed. I'll even do an old exercise from a guide on out of body experiences I used to have in high school. I definitely have not been consistent enough even though I would like to be.

I don't believe I have insomnia because I do have good sleep. I practice regenerative sleep as much as I can, that means no cell phone in the bedroom and no lights of any kind (not even that little tiny LED from some electronic thing) so not to trigger the production of serotonin.

I've also started a journal a couple weeks ago in which after my entry for the day, I write a list of things I want to the next day. That helps me a lot. It seems that if I've written it down, my mind knows it's on a list I will be looking at later and doesn't bother me about it. It's kind of the concept behind David Allen's GTD system(Getting Things Done), which I recommend to anyone who feels the need to be more productive.

Resetting and clearing my head with an App.

The other day I spent an awesome day with my brother and my son after work, we spent the night there and in the morning we meditated. We even did a kid's sound awareness session!


He turned me on to Sam Harris. I had been seeing his name around the intra-webs, of course as these things typically go... just like medicinal plants showing up when you need them most, it happened with an app!

I was always skeptical of meditation apps. That's not entirely true, I used Wim Hof's breathing app actually and loved it during the time I used it. Sam Harris' app, Wake Up really works for me. I've only done a few sessions so far, but I love it.

This is my referral link for the app, I will get a free month, but I am letting you know about the thing only because I think it really is great:

Sorry, this was a bit of a long one for me... If anyone else uses this app please let me know how you like it.


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