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RE: A Nature Inspired Life: Storytelling With Photography

I remember the first time we met and you said you didn't have a cell phone. I still think you are the only person I know without one period I am so envious of your life away from technology and all it's distractions. I love the idea of you walking around in nature all day and immersed in the beauty of life, and trying to capture it with your beautiful photography. My sister is really into her photography and so is my dad. I just haven't had time to wrap my head around it. Lovely photos as usual xx

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I've been drawn to photography since I was a kid, but then again I am not a wordsmith like you, which is something that I really admire. Cell phones are tricky. I do have to borrow my sons to get an activation code or something like that. It is becoming hard to do certain things without one which is quite frustrating because I don't think that it is really sustainable or good for the plant for every man woman and child to have a phone.

It's just not worth having a phone around here because the reception is so bad and it was costing me around $80 per month for something I could barely use.

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