Things are beyond the control of the majority of us anyway. Perhaps your break was actually well timed. By the time you return things will have moved forward and we'll know a bit better what sort of future we'll be looking at for Steem.

welcome to INDIA! woW astonishing how fast we can move!
I think you left at JUST the right time.. wow Just the kind of drama you dont need right now when you are trying to wind down.. there is not much you can do here except flap about, so i think its great you can chill and let it unfold.

Once you reach Rishikesh you will be in another world / dimension.. all this will seem a lot less relevant.. Enjoy it! The gitfts of Rishikesh await you!

PS dont MISS the beatles cafe.. their burgers n fries are astonishingly good!

there is not much you can do here except flap about,

Oh man... so good to be flap free!!


Take the days, weeks and time you need to restore and reboot. In this time of deep uncertainty and serious #FUD, there's not much to really do except update all your witness votes, support the twitter initiatives to get exchange vote reversals (and anything else the leaders need we footsoldiers to do) and get on with LIFING.

Decentralised, uncensored natural wellness content will prevail - hopefully on steem. And we will be enriched by the energy and balance you will have on return.

I will hit up my Ganesh too.... and ask him to have a chat with a few of the other deities out there. LOL.

Much love. x

Good for you to be in India!
Rishikesh is nice, but the area around Lakshman Jhula is a bit too touristy for my taste.
When I used to go there with yoga groups, I stayed in Shivananda Ashram (it is in the Ram Jhula area), but I think you would not be able to stay there as an individual tourist.
My second favorite place to stay is Ved Niketan, on the Swarg Ashram side of the Ganga. I haven´t been there since they renovated the rooms, I guess prices went up, but it´s a quiet place, away from the crowds.
About your planning to go to Gangotri:
The official opening date for Gangotri temple is April 26 (tentative date), so I´m not sure if you can go to the region earlier, sometimes there is still too much snow earlier in the year, or the police won´t let foreigners pass on the road to Gangotri, many guesthouses will also still be closed before the official date.
And once it is officially open, you will be on your way with thousands of Indians, which is an experience in its own right.
Couple of years ago I went there with my girlfriend to do the Chardham Yatra, so we went to Yamunotri, Gangotri and Kedarnath, but after Kedarnath we were so fed up with the crowds and the ugliness(rubbish, the inconsiderateness of the horsemen and their maltreatment of the packhorses) that we did not go to Badrinath anymore, but went back to Rishikesh, which was like a safe haven for my girlfriend.

Yep, rough start to the week @riverflows! As I wrote about here in this comment sequence with @steemchiller, while I was not a big fan of the SF 22.2 move, I really hoped to be proven wrong. Guess not ...

Well, you have provided some good perspective here in your post, for your community. We'll find out soon enough from the "big guns," what is going to take place from here. In the meantime, I hope you get into some much needed "recharging of your batteries" and do your best to not think too much about what is going on "in here."

Thanks mate. I will pop in from time to time, but for now, I need the peace. Grateful to all you guys keeping it real xx

Enjoy yourself. Forget about all of this nonsense for the time being.

The internet , from it's start was meant to become the tech imagined in the 1984 story . Devices everywhere that spew global government propaganda while tracking and correcting the people . Community's made categorizing and dividing groups easy to better control ( divide and rule ) the info flow . Project 201 gave way for fake rules to sensor the internet from any unwanted information . Global government certification will demonize and ban any form of info that is not . The merge of steemit and tron , no matter how exited and happy some are ,... it's the highway to hell .
Would? if all single users make there own community under there own name , the comm's system they put up become useless ? Just some thought on it .

Have a nice relaxing time at Delhi , recharge , you will need it this year more then ever . Got the eery feeling this end game is coming , like a thief in the night . Stay sharp stay healthy , peace to all .

You are exactly where you need to be. I knew this was going to be a big year and well here we go. You relax and enjoy and I shall see you in a few months. Lots of love xxxx

Wise words.

It might not seem like it ( and many will disagree with me ) but all is well ( or at least not as doom and gloom as it might look and feel), the world will keep turning and friendships will remain.

What will happen to Steem and Steemit is impossible to predict. Time will tell. Meanwhile we should all keep breathing, smiling and spreading kindness whenever and wherever we can.

Enjoy your time away from the screen.

Much love,


Ordo an chao - From chaos comes order.

I am enthralled that you are where you are. Enjoy every last moment, as it seems you already are. Things will settle out one way or another, and already the community has proven to be stronger and more closely bonded through this tribulation. If we are raized, we shall arise from the ashes as a Phoenix. Whatever happens, the community is in it together.

Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your husband. Enjoy life. All will be well. 🙏❤️

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