Proof & Test Print Arrived Today - Seals of Secrecy- Be a Part of the Revelations! Original Art Project

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Just wanted to make a small update and let all of you that showed interest in this Project I am working on be a part of this great day! We received our Proof & Test Print of the Magazine today and I must say it looks amazing! Beyond all of my expectations, everything looks real sleek and chic, quality premium paper, the colors in the photos are vibrant although not entirely TRUE in profile/temperature to the Originals, but that isn't a bad thing, gives it a certain atmosphere/energy. Sharp, clear, vibrant, adventurous.

The Text is also easy to read, formatting looks more or less as I envisioned it. Some Minor Adjustments and it is Ready!

I wish to make a call out to any of you that are watching, that the print is quite expensive especially since I am printing it on my own, and if any one of you feel like you would like to somehow contribute to the project by making a small donation to finance a proper number of prints for the initial run you would be helping tremendously kick-start this project.

More infos about the Magazine and The Art Project " Seals of Secrecy" under which it is being released!


Donations above 50 Euro get a Free Magazine+Free shipping in exchange for the Donation.
Amounts 5+ you can request a gift, and I'll make it up to you with either a digital product of mine or from 25+ a 1ml free perfume sample of my own creation shipped to you FREE.

CRYPTO: For Gifts Email me exact amount with sending adress that was used to identify yourself and telling me you wish a gift for the donation: [email protected]

Litecoin: LWEbghJA9r3rFQ26fqiUs4LyYrPbAhq41S
Bitcoin: 1BX6AkWK87K52YzuCFNDvHxHKEad2vn8zH
Ethereum: 0x9CA4c306Ba493856ad26f20d38309B6c34EAcc1A
Bitcoin-Cash: qztfhc4het4h8gy4fpmctlrp832f05tz0s3ddsteqh


Also my partner found this small gift of feather on her walk with the Dog today, we looked it up and they are from a mallard, beautiful colors, metallic blue/green shimmer reflections. Their message like a blessing for the project, giving the green lights that it is whole from my feels of it.



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