Thoughts for Steem: Thrive! How Do You Creatively Support Your Mental Health? NATURAL MEDICINE CONTEST 💚


Greetings Steem Fam! @mountainjewel here. This week, following up the #ihaveanxietychallenge, we're bringing you another chance to win Steem and share your experience with mental health!

Here @naturalmedicine, we are so stoked on the opportunity to incentivize posts where we can share what we've learned and, in doing so, help shed light for someone else.

This week, we're going to follow up the mental health theme by asking,

How do you creatively support your mental health? What practices help you thrive?

Last week @mountainjewel asked you to share your experiences and tips related to #ihaveanxietytoo. This fortnight, we're asking you to take a step beyond survival into what helps you thrive? What are the actions and pathways you walk that help you creatively support your mental health?

There will be 2 Winners (2 Steem each) plus a full upvote and resteem from @naturalmedicine.

Thoughts for Steem! Guidelines:

  • You will have a fortnight to complete this (25th of September)
  • You can make more than 1 entry
  • Share this in relation to Natural Medicine (ex. exercise, diet, herbalism, alternative modalities, yoga, etc.); Sky is the limit, but make it Natural Medicine related
  • High quality posts (more than 5 paragraphs and 5+ related photos, preferably your own) esteemed
  • Bonus points for details and telling your story!

We will curate your posts in a Week 1 Wrap-Up post and also at the end. You will get exposure and so will your thoughts!

How do you mentally thrive?

Looking forward to hearing your techniques and experiences!


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Good one! I'll definitely be submitting a post for this.

Hola como estan me gusta eso sobre la salud mental es interesante ya que todos debemos de cuidar nuestra salud mental para evitar caer en depresiones u otras enfermedades que pueden dañar nuestro estado emocional


Si, eso. Espero que to compartir tus experiencias sobre trabajando con salud mental, y como haces emocional salud muy bien!

this is a great contest, and one I will definitely take part in, looking forward to reading all the entries xxx


Yes! Looking forward to hearing your post 😘💚🌿🦋


Can't wait to read yours @trucklife-family!

Support my mental health?
Hm, its easy, i'm try to avoid the meme or funny sections... :D

No, actually i like them :)

Most of the people think, the mental health is some strange magic. Isnt. If you USE your brain, and think, and you make a decisions, pros-cons, with based on facts, this can help you to be health mentally. This can help to recognize the reality.

If you let the control to the "autopilot", the manipulated and subjective subconscious, is not the best choice...


We'd love you to write about this in detail! Mental health seems really easy to control for some, but it's almost insurmountable for others. That's why we're hoping to get more knowledge about it on the blockchain!


My english is too poor for this hard psychology/philosphy conversation, but i try my best :D

I think, the controll is easy for everyone, but make a decision, to choose the control and reality, that is hard.
I always try to recognize the facts, and the different between facts and opinions. Today, living with opinions is very common, and convenient. Most of the people think, their informations are facts, but no, their "informations" are opinions, after subjective judge of the reality.

Its good, because we can blame the others. The government, the politicians, the banksters, our parents, our boss, our teacher. They did it, im just a wictim, its not my fault...

And the fact, it is often true, its not our fault. But the reality, the universe, the gods, the fate doesnt care about it. You have to care about it. And first step: recognize the facts, and the person, who is responsible for this. And mostly we are this person... Pretty hard, isnt? Always be someone, who responsible for our situation. Things don't just happen. If yes, that call we tornado, or earthquake, or some other natural stuff :D

So its pretty hard to accept, our situation is our responsibility, and we have to work for it.

If you accept this, the hard part, take back the control is easy.


I think your English is just fine to get your point across! You could do a wonderful dual language response with photos and we'd absolutely support your efforts.

Woohoo!! I love these...

OK, working on mine now. What to do, what to do....???..... 🤔

This sounds like a good initiative and I am curious what writing comes out of it. I don't feel that I am qualified to participate, though, because I am merely coping with anxiety, not thriving with it. But, I will try to remember to peek at the entries once they arrive and see what I can learn!

Thanks to @metametheus for mentioning this in the PYPT podcast on the SteemitRamble discord server!

A subject close to my heart, will definitely enter :)