[Plant Medicine] 🌿 Win Steem for Exploring Mullein, Ginseng, Alder OR a PLANT OF YOUR CHOICE! 🌿 PLUS A VERY SPECIAL PRIZE! 🌿

Last fortnight was amazing as we all learnt a LOT about thyme, especially it's benefits to emotional health! This beautiful plant came out a clear favourite. Salvia divinorum proved difficult to write on as those that experienced the powers of this entheogen struggled to truly capture what it meant to them. Still, we had some interesting conversations about it and learn a lot, if only to have reverence for such a powerful plant goddess.

This week's plant medicines to explore are:




The 'wild card' means YOU choose the plant - so long as you:

  • Refer back to this post via a link
  • Use 'Plant Medicine' in your title
  • Use the tag #naturalmedicine
  • Resteem this post
  • Drop your post as a comment under this post or in the Discord to let us know it's an entry to this challenge.

You don't have to be an expert in the field, just be willing to research, experiment and explore either ONE or more of these plants in a post. You can write three posts if you like - we accept multiple entries!

We're also super open to the kinds of posts you write.

Here's some ideas - you can choose one or more to include in your post. Try to have a focus for your writing rather than include everything. Of course, it must be original work, and we'd love to see photos too.

  • recipes
  • poetry or creative writing
  • personal anecdotes
  • science and research
  • interviews with experts
  • long form explorations into plant history & mythology
  • exploration of cultural or religious use
  • exploration of the plant as drug
  • how to cultivate or grow this plant.


The prize pool currently is 20 Steem, PLUS we have a VERY special prize this week, thanks to the contributions of @mountainjewel, @nateonsteemit @riverflows and @porters, who have all donated 5 Steem towards this ULTIMATE prize!


Our dear @frejafri has designed some BEAUTIFUL botanical illustrations which she has for sale on RedBubble. We are offering first prize one a standard mug with one of her botanical designs on it! Now that's worth sharpening your pencils for!

but there's a catch!!

We will ONLY consider this as a prize if we get TWENTY entries in this round.

If we don't, we'll roll the 'Natural Medicine Mug' into the NEXT challenge!

This is a way to encourage participation on Steem - so if you've been thinking about it before, now is absolutely the time to do it! And yes, Redbubble delivers just about anywhere, and we'll pay the postage too! This is because we are SO in love with natural medicines and believe in this collective so much that we want to encourage you to be part of it as much as possible!


If you're in the Natural Medicine Discord channel, you've already had a heads up on this post so you've had some time to start thinking about it. Please come join us so you get the heads up for the next challenge!

Do you have knowledge of any of the above plants?

Do you plan on exploring them with NM Steemfolk over the next two weeks? We'd love you to join us!



Natural Medicine Needs YOU! Please consider delegating to @naturalmedicine by clicking any amount below to help keep this collective going. The minimum entry for membership is 20SP (free for members under 150SP), and helps support and celebrate your work with natural remedies, healings and nurturings on this gorgeous blockchain! Join us on Discord here - we'd love to have you!


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Excellent a challenge for natural medicine. I love research on these medicinal plants.


Great! Would love to see your entry!

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yeah this is great, I am excited to take part and also to learn from all the wonderful entries that the community members will create xx


I know I'm excited every fortnight, but I'm truly excited about this one! Learning so much already - head is exploding! Can't wait for your post!

Oh I love @frejafri art! Hope we get some great entries for this!
I've already been pulling my ideas together because i got the heads up on discord!


Brilliant! We're excited! We think the wild card will really enable people to dig deep and find a plant medicine to write about!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful episode of natural medicine.

love this one! cannot wait to see who wins that amazing cup! i may go for the wild card on this one, we'll see! i do love mullein...


Do Mullein!!! I need to know more about it!!!

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A challenge!! I really like the way this stretches us to expand our knowledge base.... the addition of the wild card option makes it even interesting!

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I love how it forces me to research and explore plants I'm not that sure about - mullein's been on my radar for a while, but I dont know much about it, so I'm going to force myself to research this one! And plus it's compelling me to write on other herbs or plants that I've been thinking about too!

Yes! Super stoked for this one!

@naturalmedicine, Looking forward to this contest team. This is awesome initiative and contest and in a way educative too.

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Hmmm... hopefully this will come back around in the fall, when planting season comes.

that mug looks cool @frejafri


Thank you! ❤

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I already studied and learned new things about alder! i am really intrigued and I hope I will get time to make an entry - my wish was to make for all three of them, I do really want to, but I have so many things to do at the moment, so I don't know if I'll make it 😵😩 But I'll do my best to get all my jobs done and make at least one! 🤞

Yay, super honored that you chose my design as a special prize!! :D hope to see a lot of entries! ✨