One Week To Go 🍓 Due Date 27th July 🥑 40 Steem in Prizes!!! (Plus Week 1 Curation) 🍄

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First of all, thanks to all of you that alerted @riverflows, me, to the fact that I wrote the due date wrong - oops! Thanks for your patience - this week's been a busy one and I just didn't get a chance to update it. I did, however, read all the entries, including a video of an Asian market in France and some poetry! Thanks for entering - I do hope you enter again next week, or if you haven't already, please do write. We are lucky enough to offer some pretty big winnings thanks to Curie, and they might continue it IF we have a decent response. We're super grateful for the entries so far and inspired by the passion you have for healthy food as a preventative medicine and even a cure for what ails you.

So far, we've had beets, honey, keto diets, fish, saying no to refined sugars - and a lot of vegetables! If anyone's thinking posting on funghi, herbs or some particular recipes, we'd love to see those too!

The entries so far:

Exploring the Healing Power of Food by @attn

Why I'm Happy I Moved Away from Refined Sugar by @minismallholding

No Prescription Needed by @plantstoplanks

Fishy Silver Lining by @steemflow

My Mother's Medicine by @riverflows

Show Me the Money Honey by @raj808

Fresh Food at Market by @attn

We are What we Eat Really by @porters

What Heals Me Food Poetry by @chireerocks

Sometimes It's What You Take Out by @porcheberry

Food is the Greatest Medicine by @rem-steem

Fermenting Beets for Healthy Poop by @alchemage

Please please go and give a few of these posts some love - sometimes a lovely natural medicine is for someone to engage with your posts. If I have missed you, please let me know - you may not have put your entry under the original post?

Whilst it was really hard to decide a winner for the spot prize, we decided to go with @plantstoplanks - 2 SBI coming your way! Her passion for good food really came out in this post, but also her desire for others to be healthy too. She writes:

I have been lucky enough to be quite healthy so far in life in that I have never needed food as a treatment for ailments, but I think the biggest part of treatment should be prevention. While food alone may not totally protect you from cancer or other ailments, it definitely makes your immune system that much stronger to fight if the need arises. Our healthcare system makes too much money off of procedures and treatments after sickness has already developed, so it really is up to us to take control of our own health in any way we can. The most basic way to do that is watch what you load up on your fork..

She makes some pretty amazing feasts and you should definitely follow her if you'd like some healthy eating inspiration!


We're also awarding @chirreerocks with 1SBI - he always entered our challenges with entertaining poetry. Thanks, @chirreerocks!

Don't forget to get your response in by July 26th!

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A Big Thankyou to Our Delegators for Your Ongoing Support

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With much love and wishes for abundance coming your way!

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Oh wow, thanks so much for the SBI shares! I'll definitely try to get in another one this week if I can nail down some time as this is always an enjoyable topic to write on, and an important one, to boot! In the meantime I'm sure I'll enjoy making my way around the other awesome entries!

Loved your passion in this post! Will transfer sbi today when I switch accounts! Xxxx And yes write more!!!

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Congrats, darling! 🎉

Enjoy a !BEER 🍺 token.

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Thanks so much @amico! 💚💚

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Hey @plantstoplanks, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

So inspiring! Wish I had internet and electricity enough to read them all 😅 one day!

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Lol. I'm in the same boat.

Thank you for the much-needed nudge, @naturalmedicine - I have been working on my entry for about 3 days now LOL... time I buckled in and completed it!! Great challenge.

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Here is mine, my first attempt on any topic on NM. Will continue once I gets some feedback on this.

Ah clearly I haven't been as active around here as I should. I can't believe I missed to join this. Oh well...

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