Steem Fundraiser for TREES

Hey y'all! Gonna do a little begging this morning.

Like I posted about yesterday, I'm planting more trees here. Currently, this is being funded by my powering down on steem and turning it to Litecoin on coinbase, where I'll cash out from. I'm currently at about $60 on there, and I'm going for $120. Today makes halfway there!


I'm at .99 LTC, going for 2 LTC at current price.

I found a nursery that's affordably selling Texas adapted trees, and that's where I want to order from. They're called Legg Creek Farm.


I couldn't get the whole cart in the shot, there's a Pink Lady apple in there as well. So two apple trees, two peach trees, two chestnut trees, and two almond trees for $120 shipped. I'm trying to find it with steem, so I'm taking donations. Of course, there's more trees I want, but I think that's a pretty good spot there, as I'll likely have more trees I barter for, along with more plum suckers to sell or plant around the place.

@riverflows answered the call yesterday with ten steem that I just finished transferring! Much love!

Who else can help? A couple steem can go a long way :)

Also, I need to make a correction: in my post yesterday I said we've planted thirteen trees this year. I forgot about our five elderberries we planted, and I plan on planting at least ten more of them from cuttings I'll take this winter.

So, to sum it up, I want more steem so I can buy more trees. This is an ongoing project that's powered by steem to make a real difference in my life and that of my community. I've been planting trees anyways, and will continue to do so; this project is just for a little more of a push. If you can spare a few steem, I'd deeply appreciate it.

Free sustainable food and medicine are available, and growing everywhere! You can bring that power and abundance to your community too, and I encourage you to do so. If you need to power down some to get there, go for it! You'll make a difference in the real world with help from the abundance of the digital world. That's what crypto is about, and that's what I'm using it for.

All action for the good of all.


P.S. I'll be burning 500 LOTUS to promote this post on ;)

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In the words of Joel Salatin, "do something!" Order seeds from SeedsNow using my affiliate link!

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Follow @naturalmedicine and join the Natural Medicine discord channel today and come grow and learn with us!


Love to see you making your land more productive and there is no better time than NOW to plant trees!
I sent some STEEM for the cause!
If you lived in Canada I would send you some trees!

Omg, thanks so so so much!!! 💚💚💚💚💚

Awesome!! We can do better than that!! For every 1 Steem donation, Natural Medicine will burn 100 Lotus. POT needed (Proof of Tree). Hey this could be a thing!

Up to 45! That's a heck of a burn! 😍

SHUT UP!!! Really??? That's freaking awesome!!!!!

Let me know total on post payout!

I will help out for sure, love to think some of my steem is going towards planting trees xxx

Thanks so much! 💚 I'll make a post tagging everyone that donates with all the trees when I plant them :)

happy to help xx

Is it worth sending you lotus. I have a couple of hundred you can have. I'm trying to get trees planted all over the world. There 8 steem in my account you can have too if it helps

I've been trying to send you both but steem connect is having a fit at the moment. I'll try tomorrow

No rush, next Sunday is my cash out day :) thanks so much for the support!

It must be my phone. I've tried a few times. Next time I'm near a pc I'll send you a bit

I fully support your tree planting adventures! I have resteemed your post, and sent 10 steem towards the cause.
I am also a huge fan of elderberries, I wild harvest and stockpile berries every summer for my winter medicine cabinet and I also selectively harvest flowers as well. We are working on propagating them on our little homestead as well, so that one day I won't have to go farther than my own mini-forest for the flowers, or berries!

Warmly received! Thanks 💚

I'm doing the same here. Later this winter I'll go take cuttings and try to root them. I hear they're easy to root in a bucket of water like figs. I'll probably go for 15-20 more to be planted as a hedge.

I love this. I don't have 10 liquid steem right this second (having powered up just this morning) but I should do tomorrow morning and will happily send it to you.

Wonderful way to use steem and encourage eco community.

Resteemed. And shared to the @c-squared curation community to help widen the net.

Much love from Thailand.

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In fact, also popping this post in the @ecotrain discord right now for you!

Omg, thank you so much!!!! 💚💚💚💚💚

Nice work. Some steem heading your way!

That sounds like an awesome project. My upvote isn’t worth much but I hope it helps.

Thanks so much! No support is too small in this kind of thing. 💚

Sent you 7 steem.

I have 2 aspen trees planted in my vegetable garden. They help a lot.

Thank you! With your help, one of the trees is funded! So we're up to 5/8 funded now!!!

How have the Aspen trees helped? They're one tree I don't think we have many of.

Any type of tree helps the soil.

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