Pay It Forward Curation Contest: Featuring Natural Medicine Tribe - Week 85

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Featuring Natural Medicine Tribe - Week 85 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest

The Pay It Forward Curation Contest for this week will focus on the Natural Medicine Tribe. This an an interesting topic for me because I've never taken an in-depth look at natural medicine. While curating these posts, I hope to learn about the authors and their connection to natural medicine.

1st Post
Grow Perennial Brassicas is a post by @wildhomesteading (65) in which he explains why he likes to grow Perennial Brassicas. He does not provide the definition of Perennial Brassicas in his post, instead directing his readers to visit his blog, Wild Homesteading where he defines the terms. I think this is an excellent way for him to promote his blog.

So I visited his blog to get the basics. I didn't know Brassicas was the name for the vegetables in the mustard family, such as cabbage and broccoli, which I love. In his post, @wildhomesteading tells us that you'd have to plant these type of vegetables each year. But if you wanted to plant them once and have them reproduce each year, then your best choice would be Perennial Brassicas. He likes perennials because he thinks they are fairly easy to use and add to your garden. He states there are numerous types of perennial brassicas, but the three he likes best are: Kosmic Kale; Tree Collards; and Turkish Rocket.

Image and Source located in Owner's post.

I recommend reading his post, but go directly to his blog for definitions then, return. It's an excellent read and learning experience for those who don't know their greens.

2nd Post
The goodness of the Gooseberry is an excellent post by @sayee (64) in which she introduces her readers to the natural benefits of the Gooseberry. This fruit is known as "Nellikka" in Malayalam and "Amla" in Hindi.

According to @sayee, the Gooseberry is an excellent source of antioxidant. She says they are good for the skin and hair, and is used to make hair tonic. An important medicinal benefit of Gooseberry is that it lowers blood sugar. I didn't know this, and with my recent Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis, I will definitely find out how I can incorporate the fruit into my regimen. She also tells us Goosberry is used to prepare homemade wine. Finally, @sayee shows her readers a unique ways to cook with them. If you like pickles, then check out her Gooseberry Pickle recipe:

Image and Source located in Owner's post.

@sayee's post The goodness of the Gooseberry is well-written and contains a wealth of information. I recommend you stop by and see for yourself the wonders of this fruit, the Gooseberry.

I chose to participate in this week's curation challenge to see if I could learn something from the @naturalmedicine Tribe. By curating these two great posts, I can report that I definitely did.



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever you are working on.

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