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RE: Becoming vegan: why didn't I do it earlier?

Meat is murder, we love our little pet cats and dogs but can eat the flesh of a murdered cow, what hypocrisy. It shows the inability to think things through to their obvious conclusion. Pseudo spiritualists think they can eat "ethical" meat, what a farce. You have to kill the guy you are about to eat dude, wake what I say to the pseudos. Vegan is best.
I become repulsed just smelling dead animal being burned. How can these ex vegetarians be so blind and brutal. Compassion is the symptom of your spiritual path. If you can't see the brutality in eating a murdered warm-blooded creature then your attempt at spirituality has failed to produce the result - compassion for sentient life, particularly those that feel the pain of being murdered! Hellooooooo....


I know what you mean, but I feel that if people are going to be meat-eaters, then at lease eating only ethical meat is a step closer to doing the right thing. But yes, personally, whether ethical farmers or not, it's all just exploitation and murder by humans who are using their power against weaker species.

Understandable dilemma, like saying killing is murder, but then allowing abortion because of the lesser of two evils perhaps. A grey area for today's degraded society that is already in ignorance.