Thank you for reading @immarojas.

My pleasure...yesterday was very educational for me and i do believe that it was meant to be. I saw different maturity in all of us where i was intimidated at first.
You as a writer on another hand is difficult to imagine how you were before from what you said. You're a great writer, i do believe that our experiences in the past happened for a reason we dont understand at first but can lead us to greatness. You got it☺☺

Thank you @immarojas, and I agree with what you said. I no longer hold on to my past. I bring it up to share to maybe help someone or if its relevant to a conversation like last night. But what I do see in my life Is there is always room to grow more. The subjects we spoke about last night is apart of the dreams I have been having and the vision I have for my life now and in the future which is to be whole in every way. I will keep in touch with you @immarojas and I will be following you all. And I plan to be there next Saturday night.

You have found what you have been looking for...and in a place where the control is in your hands. A lot of us are still seeking and i hope that we get to be enlightened soon.
Please do keep in touch..i would love that.

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