Recently Uncovered - 1930s Map of US Medicinal Plants for Pharmacists

Modern medical science relies heavily on pharmaceuticals to treat patients. In fact, the use of medicinal plants has become taboo and is often labeled (incorrectly) as pseudo-science.

There was a time in American history when big-Pharma did not have such an influence on doctors, pharmacists, or medicine. During this time, pharmacists actually prepared medicinal plants for people in need to treatment.

[caption id="attachment_1371" align="aligncenter" width="640"]medicinal plant map Buy the map here:[/caption]

This recently uncovered medicinal plant map was printed by the National Wholesale Druggists' Association over 80 years ago. It was intended to boost the image of the profession during a promotional campaign called Pharmacy Week.

The medicinal map shows which herbs grow in which state (or as they grew in 1932). It also lists the medicinal uses of each plant.

Buy the map here.

In the late 1930s and through the 1940s, a rise in synthetically produced and mass marketed drugs began to hit the market. This marked a transition from pharmacists physically preparing medicines to pharmacists counting out pre-made medicines.

This poster show the end of an era, before the profession made the shift to dispensing drugs produced by large corporation and away from preparing plants for those in need of their medicinal properties.

Amazon also has a more modern map available, World Map of Medicine Plants.

medicinal plants amazon

Have you ever tried natural remedies at home? Have you ever wild harvested medicine? It is in everyone's interest to know as much about this as possible! We hope you enjoyed learning about this map of medicinal plants - please continue reading about natural medicines if you find this topic to be of interest:

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Cool! Let's go back in time.

Excellent find! Thanks for posting. It seems our history of being self-reliant is slowly being erased.

This is really cool!! I love old maps and natural medicines so this is a map made in heaven for me!!! So much history.

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It all started in Massage Therapy school, where I learned about natural healing modalities, as well as aromatherapy. This opened up a whole new world to me regarding natural oils from plants (it's life blood) and using it in my massage therapy practice....

Today many people still consume plant products for treatment of their diseases. In addition to being easily obtained, it is also believed because it does not contain harmful chemicals.

We have lost a lot of knowledge about natural remedies or had it wiped from our learning. The big Pharma is behind this and they want profit not to help people. I have not used any (well maybe on or two occasions for serious situations) big Pharma in nearly well around ten years. I always use a natural alternative when I can find one and activity promote what I know to those around me 💯🐒

Thanks for sharing this! I forgot that the pharmacists use to prepare the plants for medicines for the people. I'm so accustomed to pharmacists as just dispensing pills from the pharmaceutical companies.

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