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RE: Becoming vegan: why didn't I do it earlier?

I really enjoyed reading about your journey! Taking those first steps away from cheese are so hard! Funny enough, I decided to eat just a little a year ago, and I didn't even like the taste anymore. Of course, it was cheddar and not ohhhy gooey mozzarella!


Thank you :-) I wonder whether I'd be the same with cheese now too. I remember when I was pregnant years ago, I felt the urge to try some fish, and couldn't swallow it as it just didn't taste nice anymore, so suspect I'd be like you with cheese if I were to try some now. I do get so tempted when cooking pizza for the kids though.... but just can't let myself, as I could easily start eating it again, and I'd feel so guilty if I did....

It's amazing how taste buds can change, isn't it? And yeah, I understand the guilt as well, and I bet it's more from going back on a conviction than anything else.