How to relieve neck and shoulder pain and correct your posture.

in naturalmedicine •  3 months ago

Are you hunching to read this right now? Are your shoulders curled forward? Is your neck sticking out toward the screen? Well here is a great way to bring you back in to alignment and retrain your muscles for a healthy posture!

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That looks absolutely great - I'm going to give this a go and sharing it, so I can show others :)


it Sure does the job! its also what you need for a broken collar bone, totally sorts the pain and support out! GOod to know! thanks for sharing!.. let me know how it feels!@

This is so simple and clever and USE-full!! Not sure how that works for women with breasts in the way - I'm guessing the band has to sit below the breasts, rather than over them? You're getting this video thing down pretty well, young man!! :)


oh yes you are right, for women its under the breasts for sure! thank u!!

Thanks so much for this - such a simple solution! I am always seeking solutions because I get those neck issues quite often really.

Oh my gosh you are a natural!!! Love it!! And loved the two avatars side by side!!! And your beautiful earthship! You are gorgeous!

This is an AWESOME trick to correct posture ... yoga belts are so useful! I can see hundreds of Steemians by their computers with this now haha! Glad it brought you some relief.

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that was a great idea!! I will try that.

I've just recently started working seriously on improving my posture, and hadn't thought of doing this with a yoga belt, so thanks for that!

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YES alex! its something that we all so naturally do as modern humans, hunching, slouching,! I always keep telling myself to sit straighter and pull my shoulders down and back. I first became aware of it through practicing yoga and noticed a significant difference when I started training my posture, your back becomes stronger and its easier to do. IT can hurt alot of ppl at first! I know some ppl who CANT do it... or unwilling to try slowly because they dont have the patience. For me its a necessity because i have a lot of pain and inflammation from bad posture, it makes me lazier and more lethargic! I've never seen this brace thing but looks good, we used to do something with a rubber string thing but not quite like that. Your house look so cosy btw but for some reason ur were so quiet on my computer!