First lemons in 8 years...

The beautiful lemon tree in front if my medieval quarter house has struggled over the past years ... but is now producing fruit!

I did a major pruning at several points, then she was disturbed significantly by the street being dug up and renovated dramatically. And I wasn't aware in the first years that in this zone, lemon trees need winter cover.

She shut down from fruiting, and had multiple fungal and insect infestations... But over time, I protected her from the cold with a big woolly blanket, and got her branches beautifully shaped to maximise her microclimate there... even I've spent days wiping each leaf - labour of love.

Most powerfully, is how her health shifted these past 2 years, since I began regularly giving her my menstrual blood 🙏🤲❤️

This year, she's full of both lemons and blooms- and is coming into her vitality! She's a four-season lemon tree- a joy of abundance.

It feels wonderful to be part of what is making her flourish: her health feels intimately linked to my own. And our flourishing in symbiosis is a great learning.

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You've given her a very good shape.
I believe you're lucky that the tree didn't froze when you didn't have it covered during winter. Since she didn't die, I reckon she will go from strength to strength from now on.
She has already started rewarding you by giving back some of the love, care and affection that you gave to ger.

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