Burning all my Lotus earning for July 2020

Dear kind mindfullife community @naturalmedicine,
(Crossposting from www.peakd.com)
I will be burning (sending to NULL) all Lotus earning for July. This is my way of saying THANK you to the community and feeling sorry (for my self) for not being able to give much time for mindfullife community and curation at the moment. I'm also grateful for all the mindfullife curators and their time to the community.

THANK YOU....Muchis Gracias.......Danke.....Obrigado....धन्यवाद ( dhanyabad).....

So, here is the screenshot of my wallet on https://www.naturalmedicine.io.

I will be sending all LOTUS earning for July 2020 (likely to be around 600-1000 LOTUS or around 3-5% of my Lotus power) to NULL on 1st Aug 2020. Hopefully this will help Lotus ecosystem, albeit in very small way and encourage community members.

On the different note, if you are interested in meditation or just want to test it out - feel free to join us. We meditate daily (at 8:30pm UK time) online with friends and family and if you would like to join us we would love to welcome you at www.tinyurl.com/bewithbreath. Just subscribe for FREE.

Or if you want to try it out for yourself here is a beginner's guided meditation (30 minutes):
Meditation selfpractice 30 mins.jpg

Mind matters most. What we think we become ~ Buddha.

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With Peace Love & Joy 🕉❤️😊
Let’s grow together in wisdom through #meditation 🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️

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