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T he
R eality
A ttached to
M irroring
A nimosity, anxiety, angst

I can hear you


What if within the dawn after your darkest night you could feel and embrace the intensity of your brightest light of power ?
What if your experiences had the potential to heal your self and others ? Would you fight this or surrender to it ?
What if you looked upon your memories as your greatest reminder of your hardest earned strengths ?
What if you could use everything in your life to model to others your highest truth ?
What if you embraced the fact that you are NOT alone in this journey and you can receive the help you seek ? Speak up and ask.
What if trauma no longer had the power to oppress you and you used it to elevate your perception and wisdom ?

Admitting, sharing, absorbing, feeling;

release, repair, renewal

life worth living

Can I support you to see that you are the accumulated strength rising from the ashes of what has happened to you?

You are the manifestation of survival and purpose

Acknowledging all of who you are leads you through the attachments of your past, no longer avoiding or controlling them.

Giving back the remnants
disintegrating the hold
walking into the light beyond the dust

What if to live that truth you had to let go of the things you didn't have control over and trust that the highest truth is what is revealed ?


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