Urine Fasting for Cancer??? In this startling interview two prominent natural healthcare providers give hints into ancient and modern cancer protocols that are saving lives today!

Graeme sits down with Dr. Zoli Hargitai and Dr. Jake Ames to discuss the healing protocols that they are using to help their patients beat cancer without radiation, chemo and surgery.

This is an information dense interview so get your notepad if you or someone you know is sick. Find them at Holistic Bio Spa Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

"The Water of Life" by John W. Armstrong

Let us know what you think of this information. Do you have any experience with ketogenic diets, urine fasting, ozone therapy, SCIO biofeedback, Rick Simpson Oil or any of the other topics we covered?

Stay tuned as AdventuresNHealing plans to delve deeper with these Doctors into what they've seen in their years of practice with patients, the dirty tricks of Government & Big Pharma, and more!

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Much love!

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Excellent work Graeme. Looking forward to hearing more!


Thank you Mike! Miss you guys!