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in natural •  8 months ago

Shadhaka Gayari Mosque Mosque-Surrela Azan
Ancient temples, fluttering, kirtan, singing song
The bell of the old church, the prayer of prayer, the worship of Jesus
Keong Keonge Jodhate - Budhang Shoronong Lothi ...

Red Halhata, Hawaii sweetie, Sugar elephant-horse
Crocodile wheel, clay doll, dancer bride
Nagardola Vortex, Night Jatropala, Lalon Song
Poet Nazrul-Rabindranath, the face of Bangabandhu Mujib;

Ekushey February, Shokrata Provatfery, filmed in blood
Uansurur's mass uprising - Assad's blood-splitting shirt;
Racecourse March 7, Joy Bangla, Liberation War
Millions of martyred bloodshed favorite freedom;

I am your poet-you take me

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