Tips for hand and nail care:

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Tips for hand and nail care:
Healthcare - our today's topic is our nail care. Nails are a part of the beauty of our hands and feet.

The beautiful nails are as interesting as the legs of the mind. But often we can take care of our nails, but foot nails are not taken care of at all.

The result is horrific, we are unaware of our troubles. The biggest enemy of all is Fangas. If you do not take care of nails, then the nails of the nails continue to grow,

Once there is no speed without operation, but it is not possible to swear that it will be full well after operation.

The most difficult to deal with is diabetic patients, because it takes time to heal any wounds even when it is not good or very long.

So let us know what we can do to care for the nails.

1.New Cutter Usage:

Neil must wash the cut before the nails, and if needed, wash it with soap. It is good to have separate nails for everyone, but it is not possible for many.

So it is very important to keep at least clean, otherwise if someone cut the nails with a cut that has foam and you do not clean

You will be affected by your nails. So be careful about this. Remember,

It should be noted that if the sharpness is better then nails will be wounded.

  1. Soak nails:

The best time to cut the nails is after bathing. At this time nails are soft and easy to cut nails.

Also, before adding the nails, add salt salt to 4/5 minutes of light hot water and put hands, feet, soak in it.

After that wash your hands with soap, remove the nails.

  1. Use the Cheerleader:

For our nails like our body, we need a moisturizer. We take out the nail polish remover.

This results in loss of nail moisture. For this reason, whenever you apply lotion you will massaging the nails.

  1. Avoid faux nails fitted:

We now have to use fake nails by different wheels, if we continue to do this process, then our nails increase the chances of fungal infection.

Keep in mind that nothing is extra good. Those who use nail polish more will notice that the nails are yellow.

This also increases the likelihood of fungus infection.

  1. To do nails care:

There must be caution when cutting the nails. Many times the skin gets up in the nose corner or part of the small nail,

For those who have a lot of pain in the side of the nail, swelling, you will not cut them while you are in pain. Otherwise the diabetic patients are not at all.

Pushing the nails next to the nails, lightly push them into the beginning of the nails, then they will fall slowly.

Cut the side of the side of the cut straight away. The time to cut the nails is not good.

After cutting the nails, make nail filing. Doing this will not lend a piece of your nail

And do not take care of yourself and do not need to yourself. Besides, the nails also look good. Remember not to cut the nails too small, do not keep bigger and do not keep.

If you are too small, you have a fear of losing the finger of the fingers and if you keep the nails big enough to break.

If your finger nail fungus is due to any reason, take proper care without delay.

Initially, you can mix nicely with nails, mix equal amount of water and apple cider vinegar, or you can put the Herbal Lemon Grass Oil 2 spray on your shoulder every night.

However, before applying anything else, consult a good doctor because all the skin is not the same, which applies to me

It may not apply to you. But before the total damage is more damaged, take care of your nails,

If you neglect today as a little, you will suffer the consequences tomorrow.

Waiting to know how the writing took place, we want your opinion.

If you have any questions you can let us know in the comments. We will try to help you as much as we can. Stay well, stay healthy and stay with us.

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