Must Follow These Tips While Drinking Water ...?

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Must Follow These Tips While Drinking Water ...?

Without water, death will come and it will be quick! Yes, it is a fact that even though we may be able to survive without food for at least a few days, without water, it could be a matter of hours before one of our organs fail!
As we may know, the human body is made of about 78% of water, so you can imagine how important it is to keep restoring the body with water regularly to keep up our health. Right from a very young age, we would have been taught at schools and our homes that one must always drink enough water in a day.
Now, the right amount of water required for good health is about 2 litres a day for an average person and if you are suffering from any ailments or if you indulge in intense exercise, then you may need about 3 litres of water per day. If a person does not consume enough water, then it could lead to dehydration and dehydration is known to be the root cause of a number of disorders, both major and minor.

It is always better to sit down while drinking water, because your kidneys have a better chance of carrying out the filtration process effectively, in the sitting position.


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